Street Fighter V – Laura Matsuda

Laura Matsuda is the newest character announced to be in Street Fighter V at the Brasil Game Show after she was leaked a few days earlier.

Street Fighter V Laura #1

Laura Matsuda’s fighting style, Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu utilizies her methodical grapple and speed style gameplay. She specailizes in quick and up close moves with her V-Skill and the ability to control lightning with her V-Trigger.

V-Skill: Linear Movement

Vroom Street Fighter V Laura V-Skill

By holding either back or forward and pressing medium punch + medium kick, Laura moves in the corresponding direction, getting her in and out of the opponent’s range at will. If no direction is held during the V-Skill activation, she will perform an overhead kick.

V-Trigger: Spark Show

Street Fighter V Laura #2

Laura gets ready to zap the competition when she activates Spark Show. During her electrifying state, Laura’s Thunder Clap projectile flies further, she deals more stun on her attacks and grabs, and moves around further during her Linear Movements.


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