MapleStory Halloween Events

From October 7th to November 10th, MapleStory will be in the spirit of Halloween with returning events alongside some new ones!

The Madhouse (10/7 to 11/3)

Explore a mysterious abandoned hospital, with each room having a timed puzzle that you need to solve. Figure out the mysteries to earn Madhouse Coins and buy Totems and Chairs.

Halloween Star Planet (10/7 to 11/4)

Star Points can now be used to buy new Halloween Costumes. Game of Yut will also allow you to use a Halloween One Card background and a Halloween Piece. Bobble will also be hosting Halloween dances at the square and give his favorite dancers a Spookybones Damage Skin. Halloween costumes below.

Witch Malady’s Secret Mission (10/7 to 11/3)

Frogs and Black Cats roam all over the Maple World. Hunt these creatures for special ingredients needed for Witch Malady’s new recipes. Regular ingredients can be found from random monsters in the world.

Olivia and the Haunted Mansion (10/7 to 11/3)

Olivia’s haunted house has been overrun by monsters! Help Olivia return to her family safely and take on Chaos Olivia for a special chair.

The Kid Gampser (10/14 to 10/31)

Get ghost paint from monsters, other players, and the new Bully Jack! Use this paint to give your ghost buddy Gampser a makeover. Once the event ends, Gampser will become a permanent visual effect for you with the appearance he ended with. Attendance checks will also run to give you Double EXP Coupons, a Kid Gampser Chair, and more!

Dark Lords of Darkness (10/14 to 11/10)

Help the Dark Lords restore themselves by getting them random drops from enemies. Doing so will turn the Dark Lord (4 in all) into a special piece of 1 day equipment that goes over your current equipment. Helping all 4 of them gives you a chance to get a rare totem!

Zombie Survival (10/14 to 11/10)

STAR Zombies and Hounds are on the loose! Monsters may drop infected mesos which will turn you into a zombie if you don’t get a vaccine. Becoming a zombie gives you stat boosts as the virus progresses, but will also change your appearance. You can get special Androids by completing challenges given out during the event.


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