MapleStory Asylum Update

Version 166 is here, bringing back Kanna and Hayato! Here’s what’s been changed and added in the new update.

Kanna and Hayato Return!

  • Male Kannas and Female Hayatos have new face and hair options, while the other models (Female Kanna and Male Hayato) have updated looks.
  • Existing characters can talk to the Maple Administrator to change their current look for free.
  • Mana recovery has been changed to 4 Mana per second (from the former 50 Mana every 4 seconds)
  • Hayatos now have the new Stance System.

Kanna Skill Changes

  • Ether Pulse (1st Job): Skill delay reduced
  • Burning Shikigami (2nd Job): Changed to passive skill, with max level of 20. Effect activates at the first hit now.
  • Tengu Strike (3rd Job): Costs 15 Mana now.
  • Frozen Shikigami (3rd Job): Changed to passive skill, with max level of 20. Effect activates at the second hit. Shikigami bonus damage reduced to +100% (from +105%).
  • Mana Balance (NEW SKILL): Master level of 5. At master level, converts 30% of HP to 30 Mana.
  • Shocking Shikigami (4th Job): Replaces Mighty Shikigami. Knockback increased to +165%, Shikigami bonus damage increased to +240%, and max level changed to 20.
  • Vanquisher’s Charm (4th Job): Movement functions added.
  • Orochi (4th Job): Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds. Master level reduced to 20.
  • Monkey Spirits (4th Job): Master level reduced to 20.
  • Demon’s Fury (4th Job): Moved to a 4th Job skill. Costs 30 Mana, deals 190% damage to up to 8 enemies 8 times. 3 second cooldown. Master level is 20.
  • Hyper Max Mana (Hyper Skill): Requires level 180. Gives +15 Mana.

Hayato Skill Changes

  • Quick Draw (Beginner): Switch between Normal and Quick Draw stances. Uses the current Combo system to give bonuses to Hayato. Quick Draw uses MP and Sword Energy for bonuses. Stage maxes are 199 / 399 / 699 / 999 / 1000. Only max stage bonuses will be listed.
    • Normal Stance: +8% ATT, +20% HP and MP, +25% Ignore Enemy Defense, +80% Stance. Earn 5 Sword Energy every time an enemy is defeated. Each job gives an advanced version of Sanrenzan.
    • Summer Rain (Normal): No longer costs MP. Damage increased to +1320%, number of attacks increased to 10, and cooldown removed. Can only be used at max Sword Energy.
    • Quick Draw: +10% Boss ATT, +1 Attack Speed, +50% Chance to Stun, +50% Crit Rate, +250% Damage to all enemies when 3rd Job is reached. Earn 2 Sword Energy every time an enemy is defeated. MP is drained consistently. Each job gives an advanced version of Blade Flash.
    • Hitokiri Hundred Strike (Quick Draw): Replaces Summer Rain upon switching to Quick Draw. Deals 1320% damage 10 times to 15 enemies. Increases Hayato’s damage by 15% for 120 seconds upon use.
  • Surging Blade (1st Job): Damage decreased to 75%.
  • Shouryuusen (1st Job): Moved from 2nd Job. MP cost decreased to 21. Master level reduced to 10.
  • Battoujutsu Advance (1st Job): Unleash back to back attacks on enemies. Only learned skills will activate. Costs 20 MP. Bonus damage increases as more attacks are done (max of +8% total damage). Lasts 20 seconds.
    • Skill Order: Surging Blade –> Shouryuusen –> Slash Up –> Falcon Dive –> Dankuusen –> Sweeping Sword –> Tornado Blade –> Sudden Strike
  • Normal Stance (1st Job): Gives 2 extra skills at the 1st Job.
    • Sanrenzan: Number of attacks for each strike (3 strikes) increased by 1. Damage increase for each strike.
    • Battoujutsu Leap: At master level: adds 2 jumps while in mid air.
  • Quick Draw (1st Job): Also gives 2 extra skills at 1st Job.
    • Blade Flash: MP cost is 11. Deals 180% damage 5 times to 1 enemy. Replaces Sanrenzan.
    • Battoujutsu Dash: Performs a slash dash forward. Replaces Battoujutsu Leap.
  • Rising Slash (2nd Job): Costs 55 MP. Deals 170% damage 2 times to 6 enemies. Launches enemies into the air.
  • Falcon Dive (2nd Job): Moved from 4th Job. Passive effect removed. Damage lowered to 170%. Master level lowered to 15.
  • Vapor Blade (2nd Job): Attack can now be activated immediately after landing
  • Dankuusen (3rd Job): Moved from 2nd Job. Damage increased to 210%.
  • Sweeping Sword (3rd Job): Damage increased to 210%.
  • Whirlwind Cut (3rd Job): Skill delay adjusted.
  • Willow Dodge (3rd Job): Attack Boost Chance increased to 90%. Evasion increased to +35%. Master level increased to 15.
  • Merciless Blade (3rd Job): Status chance increased to 30%. Damage increased to 190%. Duration increased to 6 seconds.
  • Battoujutsu Soul (3rd Job): Completely removed
  • Warrior’s Heart (3rd Job): Activation chance increased to 40%. HP recovery increased to 4%. Master level increased to 15.
  • Tornado Blade (4th Job): Moved from 3rd job. Crit damage increased to 280%. Attacks 7 times, each with a 60% chance to stun the enemy. Stun lasts 10 seconds.
  • Eye for an Eye (4th Job): Replaces Counterattack, and has been turned into an active skill.
  • Sudden Strike (NEW SKILL): Costs 56 MP. Deals 405% damage 6 times to 10 enemies. Debuffs enemies hit with a 20% increased damage (+20% extra for each member in the party). Max level is 20.
  • Quick Draw (4th Job): Also gives Shinsoku alongside the final version of Blade Flash.
    • Shinsoku: Hold down skill. Movement functions added. Damage increased to 330%. Number of attacks reduced to 2.
  • Hyper Skills: Falcon Dive Hyper Skills moved to Sudden Strike.

Equipment Effects

  • In the Equipment window, an “Effect” button has been added so visual effects can be toggled. Some visuals such as the Lightning God Ring, Sylph Rings, and Heaven Rings cannot be toggled.

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