Warframe – How to get Dual Kamas Prime

Warframe Update Spectres of the Rail has changed how to obtain Prime Items, find the corresponding prime item here.

Warframe Update 17.6 has taken out Ember Prime’s set of arsenal and replaced it with Trinity Prime’s. Also the Trinity Prime Access is here.

The Dual Kamas Primes are the newest prime melee weapons.

The sensual lines of these golden Dual Kamas have long been celebrated as a masterwork of Tenno weapon smithing.

Here’s how you can get them.

Part Drop Location(s)
Dual Kamas Prime BP Tower lII Survival – Rotation C
Dual Kamas Prime Blade Tower III Capture
Dual Kamas Prime Handle ODD – Rotation A & C

Dual Kamas Prime vs. Regular Dual Kamas

  • Lower Attack Speed (1.17 vs 1.2)
  • Higher Physical Damage (70 vs 42)
  • Higher Critical Chance (15% vs 5%)
  • Higher Critical Damage (200% vs 150%)
  • Higher Status Chance (20% vs 7.5%)
  • Higher Impact Damage (3.5 vs 2.1)
  • Higher Puncture Damage (14 vs 4.2)
  • Higher Slash Damage (52.5 vs 35.7)

Dual Kamas Prime Visual Aesthics



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