Maplestory GMS v.166 – Asylum

The next Maplestory GMS Update will be Asylum (v.166). The Update will happened on or before November 7th.

October 7th – November 4th: Mad House Dungeon

Maplestory Mad House

A new dungeon emerges just in time for the Halloween season, this dungeon will feature a storyline along with numerous puzzles. As, you complete rooms, you will be rewarded Coins and Items that seem you will be able to trade in for some Halloween treats.

Halloween Events

Maplestory GMS Asylum Events Halloween

The Zombie Virus event from last year is returning, no word if the previous Event Chairs obtained from this event are coming back. Olivia and Witch Malady return in the Haunted Mansion.

Collect ghostly paint to decorate the little ghost kid, Gamsper. Even Star Planet will get into the spooky spirit, with free Halloween costumes and a Halloween Dance Party!

Kanna and Hayato

Maplestory Kanna Hayato Update GMS v.166

Kanna and Hayato are going to have a small revamp, so they will be re-opened for character creation.

Kanna [gets] improved mana efficiency and some new skills. Use a new passive Hyper Skill to increase your maximum mana amount! (+15)

Hayato is receiving a new combo system and increased attack power. Hayato is also gaining an additional stance! Depending on if you use the basic stance or the new Quick Draw stance, you’ll have access to different skills and stat bonuses.


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