Warframe – A Man of Few Words Quest

A Man of Few Words is the all new Quest from Darvo that will reward a Exilus Adapter.

To start the Quest, you must first visit Darvo at any Relay, then manually start the quest from your Codex.

Mission 1. Rescue the Contractor

Rescue the contractor from Miranda, Uranus (Level 15-20) which is a submersible extermination mission.

Mission 2. Retrieve Clem’s Grakatas

Now that you have rescued Clem, you’re going to have to retrive his trusty custom made twin Grakatas.

Mission 3. Help Darvo get the relic

Help Darvo get the relic from Puck, Uranus (Level 18-23). You will be rewarded a Clem Clone Specter. After you finish the mission, visit Darvo in his shop and you’ll be rewarded the Exilus Adapter.

The Exilus Adapter unlocks the Utility Mod Slot for your Warframe, allow you to use utility mods such as Rush without taking up precious Mod points.

Clem Warframe


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