GMS v.163 – Maple Bonfire Event

Maple Bonfire Event will last from Wednesday, September 2 to Tuesday, September 29.

Open to Players Lv. 100 & Up,

go on an adventure to Maple Forest and enter the Campgrounds map at the top of every hour. Once you enter the forest, you will have to face its fierce inhabitants—hungry bears and raccoons! You only have 10 minutes, so act quickly!

Defeating all the animals and their Ursine boss will reward you a Bonfire Random Box that could yield you consumables, camping themed chairs that come in 90-days and permanent versions. If you can enter and complete the Maple Forest 50 times before September, 29th, you will be rewarded a Maple Forest medal based on your players level along with a Bonfire Damage Skin.


2 thoughts on “GMS v.163 – Maple Bonfire Event

    • This was last year’s Maple Bonfire Event, it hasn’t started yet for this years. When it starts, you can get to it via Event Portal.


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