Maplestory GMS v.165 – Pink Bean Superstar

GMS’ Next Update will be v.165 Pink Bean Superstar! The main attraction for this Update is the introduction of GMS’ first Monster Class: Pink Bean for a Limited Time Only!

Pink Bean

Pink Bean Maplestory GMS

Pink Bean is making his Debut as a Maplestory Class for a limited time. Play as Pink Bean and complete his mission to obtain special unique prizes.

At the end of the event, the Pink Bean character will be removed. To keep fond memories of your time as Pink Bean, players will receive rewards to use on other characters after the event.

For more specific information on the New Pink Bean Class, click here.

Tower of Oz

GMS Maplestory Tower of Oz

Tower of Oz is finally going to be rebalanced specifically targeting players Lv. 140+. Overall, Tower of Oz is going to be balanced so it will be easier for players to proceed to stages. Stupid Pills are being buff to give more time allowing players the ability to clear more stages before times runs out. Rewards have also been balance that players will be rewarded more fairly and better.

A weekly ranking will also be added, along with new rewards. The Ring Box reward list will also be overhauled to remove some of the lower consumable items.

Party Quests

Maplestory GMS Party Quests

Chryse is coming back, opening to players between Lv. 75 – 120, up to 4 players. While the rest of the PQ will be revamp to include better rewards and exp in an attempt to make PQs more popular.

The daily limit for some party quests will be reduced from 10 entries a day to 5, but each run will be more lucrative! Some of the EXP has been increased, and some of the reward requirements have changed. Resurrection of Hoblin King and Kenta in Danger party quests have been redone with new missions and rewards!

Murgoth Dungeon

GMS Maplestory Mugoth

Murgoth Dungeon is once again returning to GMS, will it just as unpopular as last time or will it have some worthwhile rewards.

Players Lv. 75 and above can enter up to ten times a day as parties of either 1v1 or 2v2. Once inside, clear rooms of monsters and see which team can find three Soul Shards first! But beware; Murgoth Dungeon is full of monsters which represent the five main jobs of MapleStory. How much damage you inflict will depend on your class! Earn points to exchange for rings, masks and more.

Other Events!

EventS GMS

How time flies! Place Time Capsules on maps, go hunt monsters around your character level, and your Time Capsule will open to give you a sweet reward. Then help Cassandra pick lemons for her lemonade stand to earn mesos and a store permit! And enjoy the last of the summer with a camping trip. Can you keep away the hungry animals that want to take your food? Earn restorative items, chairs, and medals!


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