Maplestory GMS – Pink Bean Superstar

The next hero to be released in GMS is unique. For the first time ever, it will be a monster class. The next Hero is going to be Pink Bean. He will be available for creation starting August 19 until October 6. 

MAPLESTORY GMS PINK BEAN Pink Bean is an unique class that will most likely following the same guidelines as KMS. Which is

  • Pink Bean cannot trade with other users, use the storage, delivery system, Free Market, Auction House, Meso Market or any other system that allows you to acquire items from another character.

  • Pink Bean cannot buy Cash Shop items or receive gifts.

  • Pink Bean can collect Mileage but cannot use it to buy anything. Other characters on your account will be able to use the Mileage regularly.=

  • Pink Bean cannot gain party experience if partied with other jobs, he can only gain party experience if partied with Pink Bean characters.

  • The usage of some content and systems is limited. You cannot go to Star Planet. You cannot use the Part Time Job system. You cannot marry. You cannot join or create a guild. You cannot learn any professions. You cannot use Black Heaven.

GMS Maplestory Pink Bean


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