Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament – Jousting

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament will introduce another new card mechanic: Jousting.

 Jousting is a new mechanic that will be introduced to numerous cards within the Grand Tournament. These special cards will have an RNG aspect to them, both players will draw a random card from their decks and depending on the card, if the player who played the Card wins the contest will gain a considerable advantage while losing won’t necessarily put you in an disadvantage.

Hearthstone The Skeleton Knight

There are many ways for a knight to prove their valor, but there’s only one true test of mounted might! An aspiring champion may face off against raging beasts in the arena or best skilled challengers in melee combat, but nothing shows off one’s heroic grandeur like mounting a noble steed and charging with a leveled lance in the ultimate chivalrous contest: the joust!





Hearthstone Healing Wave


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