MapleStory FIREPOWER Events Season 2

This week has a bunch of new events starting, here’s a list of them all so you can prepare!

Burning Character Season 2

When?: August 5th to September 1st.

What is it?: Select a character at the Character Selection Screen to become a burning character (they must be lower than level 100). This means every time they level up, they actually level up 3 times!

Reward: Besides extremely faster leveling, you will get the Mysterious Cryptic Chest which grants a Pet Snail with 5 hours of life. If your burning character reaches level 100 in the event time, they will also get the Legendary Cryptic Chest which grants the Frozen Equipment Set. This set is a palette swap of the 9th Anniversary equipment set and contains 5 items in total (hat, overalls, weapon, sub weapon, and cape).

Sengoku High Returns

When?: August 6th to August 18th.

What is it?: Every day, accept the quest from Boss Kumi to defeat 300 monsters to get the Sengoku High Pass 1 Day. This allows you to participate in the Sengoku High (speak to Boss Kumi in any town) and fight 20 bosses based on the classes as well as Ranmaru in the end. These bosses drop Oda Coins and Nobunaga gives you Oda Coins after every boss.

Reward: There are special medals, pocket items, and random boxes to get from Goemon’s shop.

  • Kouhai Medal: 300 Oda Coins. +4 All Stats and +2 ATT.
  • Senpai Medal: 600 Oda Coins. +5 All Stats and +5 ATT.
  • Sensei Medal: 800 Oda Coins. +8 All Stats and +8 ATT.
  • (Pocket) Sagacious Goemon Pin: 300 Oda Coins. +3 All Stats and +3 ATT.
  • (Pocket) Mori Ranmaru Pin: 600 Oda Coins. +7 All Stats and +7 ATT.
  • (Pocket) Headmaster Oda Pin: 800 Oda Coins. +15 All Stats and +10 ATT.
  • Yukimura, Kenshin, and Tadakatsu Totems: 1,000 Oda Coins each. +24 All Stats and +8 ATT. Having all 3 equipped at the same time allows the use of Warring States Manifesto.
  • Sengoku School Bag: 100 Oda Coins or dropped by Ranmaru. Gives you restorative items, Gold Bonus Potential Stamp, Special Potential Scroll, Nebulite Box, Superior potions, Dark Onmyouji Effect (90 days and Permanent versions may drop) and more.
    • New Drops: Ghost Fox Chair, Komainu Torii, and Kitsune Torii.
  • Kimono Box: 200 Oda Coins. Give overall Cash Shop items.

FIREPOWER Attendance Season 2

When?: August 7th to September 5th.

What is it?: Hunt 300 monsters every day of the event to get rewards for certain days.

Rewards: Only listing the ones I think are important.

  • Day 2: 5 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 3: Chaos Scroll 60%
  • Day 5: 5 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 6: Master Craftsman’s Cube
  • Day 9: Special Medal of Honor
  • Day 11: 5 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 12: Pure Clean Slate Scroll 10%
  • Day 14: 10 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 15: Use Tab +8 Coupon
  • Day 18: Meister’s Cube
  • Day 19: 10 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 21: 50% Epic Potential Scroll
  • Day 23 and 25: 15 FIREPOWER Coins
  • Day 27: 20 FIREPOWER Coins

FIREPOWER Coin Shop Update

When?: August 7th to September 9th.

What is it?: Go to the Event Hall to find Agent Chillson and get special items such as Protection Scrolls, 100% Golden Hammers, Clean Slate Scrolls, etc. This update will restock items.


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