Warframe – How to get Equinox

Equinox is currently the newest Warframe released with Update 17.

Equinox brings us back to the normal farming methods instead of quests but this could prove to be a even bigger farm feast.

Building Equinox requires the player to collect both the Day Aspect and the Night Aspect part of the Warframe. This means you essentially have to farm for all the Warframe’s parts twice. What makes it worst, is that it all comes from one drop table meaning you’re going to need a lot of luck and time on your hand to fully farm the parts for Equinox.

Equinox Day and Night Parts drop from Tyl Regor at Titania, Uranus. The building of either Aspects takes 12 hours per part and 72 hours for the full half Warframe. After you have completed building both Aspects, you’ll need to use a Forma and combine both the Aspects along with waiting another 72 hours for Equinox to be fully built.

Happy Farming & Be careful of the glitches! Plus, the total Credit Cost for building her is 225,000 Credits.


7 thoughts on “Warframe – How to get Equinox

    • If you have all the parts, Equinox Day & Night Aspect then you should be able to build it in the foundry. If not then, you probably either only have the blueprints of the Equinox Aspects and not the completed Aspects.


      • If you have bought the Equinox Blueprint from the Marketplace and sure you have both the aspects ,forma, the required credits and still can’t build Equinox. You should contact DE Customer Support for help.


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