Warframe Update 17: Echoes of the Sentient

Update 17 brings us the new Warframe Equinox along with Parkour 2.0, a new tileset, mod slot, and stamina rework!

New Warframe: Equinox

Metamorphosis: Switch between Night and Day forms. Day gives bonus damage and speed. Night gives bonus shields and armor.

Day Abilities: Focuses on doing more damage to enemies with buffs and debuffs, and also has a very strong 4th ability that deals constant damage around you.

  • Rage: Enemies in a small targeted area take more damage.
  • Provoke: Allies around you get more Power Strength.
  • Maim: Nearby enemies get a 100% Slash Proc and take constant slash damage within a circle around you.

Night Abilities: Focuses on supporting allies.

  • Rest: Enemies in a small targeted area are put to sleep and made vulnerable to lethal strikes.
  • Pacify: Reduces damage dealt by nearby enemies.
  • Mend: Allies are healed as they kill enemies within a certain radius.

Old Warframe: Frost

Passive: Enemies that melee hit Frost have a chance to be frozen. Slows enemies in PvP.

Freeze: Now does a 100% cold proc in an AoE where the Freeze hit. Also creates a patch of ice that slows enemies.

Ice Wave: Flairs out in multiple directions in a cone rather than just a linear line.

Snow Globe: Freezes and pushes away enemies upon casting. No Duration required, but still needs Power Strength for health. Players can have a max of 4 Snow Globes, but casting within a Snow Globe will have it combine with the old Snow Globe to give it more health.

Avalanche: If the enemy survives the initial hit, they will be frozen and have their armor reduced. Frozen enemies can be killed to create a Cold AoE and additional damage. This applies for the initial hit too!

Warframe Prime Buffs:

Frost Prime: Base shield increased from 150 to 175.

Mag Prime: Base health increased from 75 to 100.

Ember Prime: Base shield increased from 100 to 125.

Rhino Prime: Base armor increased from 190 to 275.

Nyx Prime: Base shield increased from 100 to 125. Base armor increased from 15 to 50.

New Quest Natah:

Intro: A strange drone has been monitoring the Tenno. Is this the Corpus or something else? The drone will only seek out Tenno Mastery Rank 3 or higher, and the Lotus will inform of this.

Mission 1: Scan the drone following you once you find it.

Mission 2 – 4: Mobile Defense –> Capture –> Survival

Mission 5: Special Defense. There are multiple areas to defend, but the enemies come in waves and you must defend the areas at the same time.

Parkour 2.0:

Tutorial: Players will be given a tutorial level upon logging in so they can see what they can do with the new parkour system and get used to it.

Double Jump: Players can jump again in mid-air, and “regain” that jump upon hitting a surface or enemy.

Bullet Jump: Jumping while sliding will send the player into a mid-air dash, and makes you harder to hit. Bullet Jump can go into a Double Jump.

Wall Latch: Pressing the Right Mouse Button (RMB) against a wall will allow the player to latch onto flat surfaces for a limited duration. Players can still fire their guns while on a wall.

Wall Dash: Jumping when against a surface will have the player jump off in the opposite direction. Chains indefinitely, so the player can scale walls using this.

Aim Gliding: Aiming while in mid-air will slow the player down, allowing them to glide and fire from the air.

Ziplines: Players can jump directly on the zipline and run, jump, and fire from that position.

Stamina Rework:

Parrying: Blocking will now reduce the damage you take depending on the weapon type being used. Channeling while blocking will reflect the damage entirely, but take energy.

Stamina Mods: Have been converted to Fusion Cores.

Alternate Helmets: The Arcane Alt Helmets that have stamina have been changed to a different stat.

  • (Ash) Arcane Scorpion: Increases duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch, but decreases Power Efficiency.
  • (Banshee) Arcane Chorus: Adds Power Efficiency, but reduces duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch.
  • (Nova) Arcane Flux: Increases duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch, but decreases Health.
  • (Nyx) Arcane Menticide: Increases velocity of Parkour moves, but decreases Shields.
  • (Vauban) Arcane Gambit: Increases velocity of Parkour moves, but decreases Power Duration.
  • (Volt) Arcane Storm: Increases Power Strength, but reduces duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch.

Uranus Tileset:

Grineer Underwater Tileset has been added. Unique missions have players switch between on foot and Archwing parts and fight underwater enemies. Tyl Regor has been given a boss rework and is available on Titania.

Exilus Mod Slots:

The new Utility Mod slot has been added so players can use the designated mods alongside their regular optimized loadout. Players have to unlock the Exilus Mod slot by buying them from Simaris after completing the Natah quest. Important Utility Mods include Rush, Enemy Sense, Master Thief, and Thief’s Wit.

New Weapons:

Kulstar: Handheld cluster-bomb rocket launcher.

Harpak: Automatic harpoon gun that pins enemies to surfaces.

Grattler: Archwing cannon.

Ack and Brunt: Tyl Regor’s axe and shield. Is a Sword and Shield type weapon.

Twin Grakata: Two Grakatas in each hand. Is an akimbo Pistol version of the Grakata.

Old Weapon: Supra

Damage: Increased to 45.

Reload Speed: Decreased to 3 seconds, rather than 4.1.

Ammo: Magazine size doubled (180) and ammo pool doubled (1080).

New Mods:

Only including non-Parkour mods, which increase velocity or duration of various moves.

Adhesive Blast: Grenades now stick to the first surface they make contact with.

Covert Lethality: Stealth melee attacks are always lethal (daggers only).

Seismic Wave: Slam Attacks have 50/100/150/200 percent more range.

Concealed Explosives: Thrown blades have a 50/60/70 percent chance to explode on impact.

Combustion Beam: Enemies killed by beam weapons explode for 50/100/150/200/250/300 damage after a few seconds.

Depleted Reload: Increases reload speed, but decreases magazine size (Primary Corrupted Mod).

Final Harbinger: Powerful slashes and shield attacks (Sword and Shield Stance).

Mission Improvements:

Mobile Defense: More defendable console locations. Defense time scales with difficulty now, instead of being random. 2 – 3 consoles per mission, with total defense time being divided. Console health scales with difficulty. Total enemies spawned has been reduced.

Capture: Now have a single target that follows a long escape route (instead of spawning next to the escape area, which has happened in the Void). Targets have special abilities and more health. Targets can now initiate lockdowns if they are in a room without any players and reach a control panel. New capture targets made for this improvement.

Defense: Waves will have more progression, so it will start with weaker enemies and end with stronger enemies such as heavies. Higher waves will actually have less enemies, but they will be stronger. More info here.

Earth Sabotage: Missions split into 2 parts. First remove the Toxin Catalyst, then activate the injector for the anti-toxin. New transmissions added for clarity. More terrain features added.

Kubrow Expansion:

Kubrow Armor: The Rostam and Valinn armor sets have been made available in the market.

Chesa Kubrow: New Kubrow made to retrieve items for the player.

Incubator Upgrade Module: Made from the Tenno Research Lab. You can now upgrade the genetic foundry after making this upgrade module.

Stasis: Reduced to 30 minutes. Can be rushed using Credits.

Player Icon Bundle Retirement:

Player Icon Bundles being removed from the market. Character Icons can now be purchased individually. Players who have already purchased bundles will not have their pictures removed. Mag and Frost Prime icons will be moved to the Prime Vault until those items are rereleased.

Misc Additions:

Trading: Players will now see a notification if a change has been made in the Trade window. Trade will not happen if both players do not accept.

New Accessories: Capes have been added to Warfarme. These 4 capes can be used the same way as syandanas.

  • Izvara Syandana: Garment used by the Tenno chosen to protect the Orokin Council of Executors.
  • Vanquished Banner: Mocking the Grineer by wearing their banner as a cape.
  • Nelumbo Syandana: Honor the Lotus with a specially made cape.
  • Udyat Syandana: A flowing ribbon of silken fabric, crowned with a star.

Toggle Holster: Players can choose whether or not their weapons are visible when holstered. This can be toggled under appearances in the weapon arsenal.

Alt Fire: A separate button for Alt Fire has been added, allowing players to aim and regularly fire.

Custom Chat List: Players can make custom settings for the Global Chat, such as filters.

Arcane Distiller: Players can buy an Arcane Distiller for 100,000 standing from any Syndicate to remove an Arcane from a cosmetic and return it to their inventory.

Oddities: Unique enemies and creatures have been added to the solar system. Scan them for unique lore.

Dojo Labs: Visual upgrade for contributions and researching.

Market Previews: Players can now see how all the various weapons and gear will look on their Warframe before purchasing it.

Rare Resources: Resources such as Morphics and Orokin Cells now have their own drop visual to separate them from common drops.



2 thoughts on “Warframe Update 17: Echoes of the Sentient

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  2. what the fuck is this? why frost didnt get more shields. theyre useless with this buff. 150 -175? a joke? 225 would be fair or 200!


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