Warframe Devstream #57

Devstream 57 shows us a preview of the upcoming update: Echoes of the Sentient!

Full Devstream:

People Present

  • Customer Punishment Officer Glen
  • Community Manager Rebecca
  • Creative Director Steve
  • Design Director Scott

Big Announcements and Plans

  • Rhino Statue is still on sale.
  • Excalibur Rework coming soon to Xbox One, still going through cert. Same with the crash fixes.
  • Umbra Excalibur clarification posts and preview. Not a skin.
    • It seems DE wants to make it international while ChangYou wants it to be China exclusive along with the scarf that it is wearing. Umbra is a new series of Warframes. Nikana and Kunai Primes are exclusive to the Chinese Originators (Founders). DE has stated that the exclusiveness lasts for 30 days, after which DE can do as they wish with them (same goes for Nunchaku and new Crossbow).
  • New Warframe “Equinox” shown (7:37 – 11:40). Actual gameplay is also shown (54:56 – ). Combined form is used in non combat areas such as the Relays. Default form for combat can be changed depending on energy color. The forms will have their own color changes in the Arsenal, as well as custom idles for both forms.
    • The 1st skill Metamorphosis switches between forms to give different skills (each form has 3, while the 1st skill is constant. 7 skills total). Also gives a temporary buff depending on what form is swapped to.
    • Day Form (male) gives speed buff while Night Form (female) gives shield buff.
    • Day Form Abilities: Increased damage and speed to enemies, takes in damage and releases it to deal Slash damage (toggable), and AoE Slash damage and automatic bleed proc (toggable).
    • Night Form Abilities: Targeted AoE (hits 1 enemy and surrounding enemies) that puts enemies to sleep and makes them vulnerable to finishers, have allies heal while dealing damage, and make all allies in range deal more Power damage while having the Equinox lose energy whenever an ally’s ability is used (toggable).
  • New mod slot “Utility” shown (8:30 – 9:20). Unlocked in a new quest for Update 17. This quest gives 1, while other Utility mod slot unlockers can be found through other means. Rebecca shows how the Rush mod can be put into that slot, so it does not waste a mod slot for optimal builds. Other mods have been made to fit this utility slot, while new mods are being introduced to further improve the game. It can be forma’d, and the icon shown on the mod slot is not it’s polarity. It is to show that it is a Utility slot.
  • New Cape briefly shown (10:09 – 10:15).
  • Visible When Holstered option added (11:50 – 12:15). When toggled, the weapon will not appear on your Warframe’s back when not in use. However, the weapon can still be switched to as usual.
  • Update 17 Tutorial. There will be a UI shown upon updating that will explain new intricacies of Update 17. Example being that Alt Fire is now it’s own button, allowing you to aim with weapons that use them.
  • Parkour 2.0 further improvements along with tutorial level (14:58 – 31:28). Aim glide, double jumps, and zipline walking shown off. Sprint does not need to be initiated to use moves, and the tricks can even be done while crouching. Elimination of Stamina allows Melee and Parkour combos, making the player a true ninja!
  • Chesa Kubrow breed (33:45 – 33:52). It is a retriever type Kubrow.
  • Covert Lethality mod (34:10 – 34:30). Dagger only mod that makes all attacks lethal.
  • Adhesive Grenade mod. Will make grenades sticky and deal more damage. More weapon specific mods being added for Update 17.
  • Defense Mission graph and discussion (36:38 – 40:28). It shows that Defense missions do not scale in enemy count the same way Survival does (3 and 4 players have the same amount of enemies). What they’re trying to work on is having waves progress more logically, have less enemies to help low end machines, and give more breaks in between waves to let players relax and regroup after each battle.
  • Underwater Archwing shown (40:30 – 47:16). Transition between Archwing and on foot combat. Underwater enemies are currently OP and will need a nerf before release.
  • Shotgun tweaks give , more damage, faster reload, and change to fall off. Fall off will happen sooner, but minimum damage has been increased to half of regular base damage.
  • Supra buff gives reload time a drop to 3 seconds, ammo pool and magazine size doubled (1080 pool and 180 clip), faster projectiles (almost doubled), and change in damage (as well as an increase).

Q and A

Question Answer
With the removal of Stamina in Update 17, what will come of the Arcana Helmets that buffed this? Same as mods, they will be given new stats.
How will blocking be affected? Damage reduction dependent on the melee weapon type instead of full block. Channeling while blocking will reflect damage as well, but will deplete energy.
Vectis Prime made the special effect of the Vectis (1 bullet + Primed Chamber) not work. What say you? New Nightmare Mod being added to make it have less ammo but adds reload speed. This mod works on all weapons of course, but the Vectis Prime will especially benefit from this.
Tomb of the Sentient became Echoes? They aren’t fully ready to come out, so instead of the actual Sentients coming out fully they are being previewed and teased at in Update 17.

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