Heroes of the Storm – The Grand Tournament

The next expansion for Hearthstone has been revealed to be The Grand Tournament.

The Grand Tournament features 132 new unique cards. Here are few of the new mechanics that is going to be apparent in The Grand Tournament.


New Keyword – Inspire

Minions with the inspire keyword possess a special ability that may only be activated by using your Hero Power. Deploy them in force to gain tremendous value, or drop them at just the right time to give your play the perfect boost. Can you really inspire an ogre? Absolutely! It just takes finesse (or a ham).

Knights of All Kinds

Rally new recruits to your cause: dragon, pirate*, ogre, and even murloc knights will clash astride size-appropriate steeds to showcase their prowess. All participants passed a rigorous chivalry exam before we agreed to include them in the expansion.

Here are all the cards revealed at the moment.


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