MapleStory Sylph Ring Event and More!

July 22nd brings Freud’s Journal back alongside other returning events!

The Sylph Ring (7/22 – 8/11)

Getting the Ring: Your character must be level 33 or higher. Accept the event quest from the notifier to be moved to the map. You will receive the Revealed Sylph Ring (+1 All Stats) there. Be careful not to sell it, as you won’t be able to get it back!

Sylph Ring Growth: The ring’s potential is special in that YOU choose what potential you want and cannot change it or develop it at all.

  • Revealed Shared: Complete the “Finding the Ring” quest by hunting 999 monsters within level range while the ring is in your Equip inventory. The Shared Sylph Ring gives +2 All Stats.
  • Growing: Complete the “First Step” quest by beating 1 Normal Zakum while the ring is in your Equip inventory. The Growing Sylph Ring gives +3 All Stats.

Sylph Ring Maintenance: There are daily quests you can do to upgrade the Sylph Ring even further through special scrolls that the Sylph Ring must use to become more powerful. Other quests include the Magic Pouch which gives buffs and the Weekly Goals.

  • Closed Magic Pouch: Hold onto the pouch for 30 minutes without logging off. Can be done 4 times per day per character.
  • Arnello’s Daily Training: Equip the Sylph Ring and select 1 mission from 5. These missions reset every Wednesday. These quests reward Sylph Stones, which can only be used on the Sylph Ring. The Max Sylph Ring gives +10 All Stats, +5 ATT, and any other bonus stats given from Sylph Stones.
    • Sylph Stones: Give +4 Single Stat and +1 ATT, +200 HP and +1 ATT, or +2 All Stats and +1 ATT.
  • Weekly Goals: Complete these goals every week. These goals give damage skins as rewards.

Honey Butterfly Mount Event (7/22 – 8/11)

Getting Started: Accept the event quest (it is a pot of honey) and finish “Get That Honey Again” to get the Honey Journal and access the special event UI. The Honey Journal will become unusable once the event ends, meaning you must finish customizing your permanent Butterfly by the time the event ends.

Getting Honey: Hunt monsters around your level range to collect honey and fill the Honey Gauge. Enemies in the Monster Park, Dimensional Invasion, Tower of Oz, etc do not count.

The Butterfly: Play with and customize your butterfly using the Pots of Honey. Playing with your Butterfly will give you buffs depending on your character level.

Heart Gauge: Every 10 Pots of Honey will get you 1 Heart from your Butterfly. Getting 10 Hearts will give you a medal (once per day) which gives you + All Stats and ATT (max of +10 All Stats and +7 ATT).

Sheep Ranch (7/22 – 8/18)

When Is It?: Between 7 AM – 11 PM Pacific, there will be invitations given out at the 15 and 45 minute marks. Accept the invitation to go to the lobby.

The Game: The Sheep Team (3 players) and the Wolf Team (2 players) will both try to achieve their goals. You will gain 500 points when you win and 100 points when you lose.

  • Sheep Team: Dodge bombs that the wolves plant until the time ends (3 minutes). At least 1 sheep must have kept their wool to win. Break blue boxes in the Sheep Ranch to get skills and protect your wool or get it back. Playing the bell at the ranch will slow the wolves. Getting Wool Bunches from the installed sheep at the ranch will restore HP. You get 3 wool at the beginning of the game and can have a max of 5.
  • Wolf Team: Steal wool by planting bombs and hitting the sheep. All sheep must lose their wool to win. Break red boxes in the Sheep Ranch to get various skill items. Playing the bell at the ranch will stun the sheep.

Rewards: You can exchange the points for Sheep equipment at the Sheep Ranch. Medals are given based on your wins, and Titles are given based on your participation.

Beefy’s Kitchen (7/22 – 9/15)

Beefy Coins: Obtainable from monsters around your level range. Once the Kitchen is level 3, you can obtain 10 extra Beefy Coins from the crate in your kitchen. A Teleport Rock will be given to transport you to your kitchen (similar to the 10th Anniversary Teleport Rock).

The Kitchen: Assistant Hearty and Savory will sell applications and upgrades for your Kitchen so you can level it up. Upgrading the kitchen will give you special Chef costumes and the special Beefy Food Truck Mount.

Food: Purchase ingredients with Beefy Coins to make food for your friends. They can rate the food, giving you special items depending on how they rate it.

Double Reward Points (7/22 – 7/28)

Bosses will give double the reward points during this time, so start hunting!


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