Starcraft 2 : Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update [ July 16 ]

The latest balance changes for Legacy of the Void Beta includes changes to Protoss’ Disruptor, Terran’s Liberator and much more.


Misc. Siege tanks and Immortals will now track the nearest enemy while moving.

Added mini-map icons for destructible rocks and destructible towers.

Made improvements when controlling a large number of air units.


Units Ghost

New Ability: Steady Targeting.
Deals 170 damage after channeling for 3 seconds.
Can be interrupted if Ghost is attacked.
Costs 50 energy.


Anti-Ground Mode no longer has to be researched; now only requires an Armory.
Switching back to Anti-Air mode duration reduced to 2 seconds.
Increased Anti-Ground range by 1.
Fixed issue allowing Liberators to fire into multiple AG zones.


–¬†Auto turret
Damage increased to 16.
Duration decreased to 10 seconds.

Seeker missile cost increased to 125.
Durable materials upgrade removed.

New Upgrade: Explosive Shrapnel Shells.
Increases damage of Seeker Missile and Auto Turret by 30%.

General Changes Vehicle and ship armor upgrades have been combined.


Units Ravager

Range increased to 6.


Units Disruptor

Cost reduced to 100/200.
Supply reduced to 3.

–¬†Purification Nova
Range reduced to 1.5.
After Purification Nova ends, the Disruptor is invulnerable for 3 seconds.
Speed when invulnerable increased to 4.25.
Can be picked up by Warp Prism during Purification Nova, canceling its effect.


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