Patch of Exile – 2.0.0D Patch

After the release of The Awakening, the new boss Malachai has roused a lot of hate due to his difficulty resulting in a patch nerfing him.

Version 2.0.0d

Act 4 Boss Fight Changes:
While we’re very happy with the difficulty of the final boss on the Merciless difficulty level, it was definitely too hard in Normal and slightly too hard in Cruel.

  • The final boss now has 33% less life on Normal, and 17% less life on Cruel.
  • The final boss now has fewer area effects on Normal and Cruel difficulties.
  • The damage of some skills performed by the final boss have been reduced slightly, especially against minions.
  • The final boss’s mortar degeneration ground has been reduced in the last portion of the fight in Normal and Cruel difficulties.
  • The Corrupted Lightning Beam attack used by the boss in the penultimate area now does significantly less damage to minions.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a heart would fail to open in the final boss fight.

Tempest Changes:
We will continue to balance Tempests so that they are rewarding to play in. While many of the higher-level ones grant generous bonuses (guaranteed uniques, vaal fragments, 10 tormented spirits, exiles everywhere, items dropping corrupted, etc), we want players to have to make a risk-or-reward decision even for low-level Tempests.

  • Areas currently affected by Tempests now have a 10% Item Quantity bonus.
  • Tempests no longer occur in the final area of Cruel difficulty. They already didn’t occur there in Normal difficulty.
  • Removed Vaal Ice Nova from the Arctic Tempest.
  • Elemental and chaos damage themed Tempest suffixes no longer affect the damage dealt by monsters in that area. They also create less dense ground effects.
  • The old elemental versions of these suffixes can still appear in maps, but with different names. (Tempest of Combustion, Tempest of Winter, Tempest of Fulmination)
  • The old chaos version (now called Tempest of Contamination) no longer affects damage dealt by monsters, but still has the full ground effect.

Other Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Key Pickup wouldn’t work sometimes.
  • Fixed a Warbands instance crash related to one of the Redblade Flamelords.
  • Fixed a bug where legacy leech prefixes did not show their prefix name on magic items.
  • Fixed various other rare server crashes.

We are aware of the problem where some users can’t access some guild stash tabs. A fix is currently estimated to be around 48 hours away (hopefully a lot less).


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