MapleStory FIREPOWER Update

MapleStory v163 is here and brings us a myriad of events to celebrate the new big update!

New Regions

Blackgate City: New area for players level 100 and above. Beat the 5 new bosses and get the level 120 Blackgate Set.

Scrapyard: The Black Heaven has crashed outside Edelstein, leaving behind a large scrapyard. Can be accessed from Edelstein Strolling Path 4, and the Black Heaven story does not need to be completed to access this area. Complete daily quests (up to 5 times per day) to earn Energy Cores and exchange them for AbsoLab Coins (requires 50 Grade A Diffusion Line Energy Cores and 1 Grade S Extraordinary Energy Core). Grade A Cores come from the Daily Quests (3 per) while the Grade S Cores come from Normal Lotus (who is now available).

  • Lotus Boss: 1 try per day, with no more entries in the week if he is defeated. Normal difficulty added. Requires all acts of Black Heaven to be finished. Will drop Grade S Extraordinary Energy Cores so it can be traded in for AbsoLab coins for the level 160 AbsoLab Set.

FriendStory Update

Rock and Roll: Complete the first 5 chapters to access this new 6th one. Includes a guitar minigame where you use the up and down keys to move the pick and strum at the right time. Initial rewards are Silver Hair Needles, Set-up Tab 4 Slot Coupon, and Overpower lv 1 buff (+20 ATT for 30 minutes). Different rewards given each repeat for different endings.

Chapter Updates: New hidden quests have been added to the first 5 chapters after beating all the existing ones (1-6). There will be more NPCs to call on the phone and new items have been added to Hugh’s Shop (damage skins, chairs, and medals).

Better Maple Experience

Damage Skins: There is now a new Damage Skin Storage system similar to the Salon System. You can save up to 30 damage skins for free, but it costs 100k Mesos to apply them.

Maple Rewards UI: Shows daily progress towards Daily Limit for reward points. Accessed through a new icon the left hand side of the screen. A new NPC has been added and sells the following items:

  • AP Reset Scroll (7 mil). Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration.
  • SP Reset Scroll (7 mil). Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration.
  • Teleport Rock (3 mil). Limit 1 per day. 7 day duration.
  • Buff Freezer (1 mil). Limit 3 per day.
  • Safety Charm (3 mil). Limit 3 per day.
  • Respawn T oken (2 mil). Limit 3 per day.

Character Select Screen: You can now change the positions of your characters when selecting them. Players now have 8 default character slots per World, and the maximum character slots has been increased to 36.

Cygnus Boss: Each person now has 5 revives.

Will of the Alliance: Xenon, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster can now do the quest to get this skill.

Spirit of Freedom: Made to be a Resistance only link skill. You will be invincible for 6 seconds after being revived, but the duration can be increased by stacking the skill on the same character from multiple Resistance characters (max stack of 3).

Animation Skip: During animations/cutscenes, players can now press “ESC” to skip it.

Monster Park: Has now been added to the Dimensional Mirror, with the cab being removed.

Black Heaven: Players can now repeat the quests and get the same amount of EXP, but only a portion of the Honor.

New Boss Souls: The Root Abyss bosses and Lotus now have boss souls.


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