MapleStory FIREPOWER Skill Changes

Besides new events and general changes to the MapleStory systems, FIREPOWER also brings some changes to the following classes: Beast Tamer, Buccaneer, Corsair, Kaiser, Xenon, Marksman, Mercedes, and Paladin.

Beast Tamer


  • Paw Swipe, Furious Strikes, Fishy Slap, Table Flip: Increase in damage.
  • Majestic Trumpet, Deep Breath: Increase in attack range.
  • Well Fed: Max HP bonus increased to +50% and INT bonus increased to +50.
  • Dumb Luck: Stance Chance increased to +95%. Def increased to +150.

Snow Leopard:

  • Leopard’s Paw: MP cost removed.
  • Thunder Dash: Damage and Attack Range increased. Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Leopard’s Pounce: Damage and Attack Range increased. MP cost removed.
  • Rippling Feline Muscles: Magic ATT increased to +35. INT increased to +35.
  • Macho Dance, Macho Slam: Attack Range increased.
  • Leopard’s Roar: Damage increased. Paw and Pounce damage bonus increased to +15%. MP cost removed.
  • Thunder Trail: Damage increased. Attack Count increased to 3. Duration increased to 4 seconds.
  • Three-Point Pounce: Attack increased to 4.
  • Advanced Thunder Dash: Damage increased.
  • Party Time: Damage increased. Attack count decreased to 6. Attack Speed increased.


  • Fly: Range increased.


  • Friend Launcher: Damage increased.
  • Cat Wit: INT increased to +100.
  • Kitty Battle Squad: ATT increased to +35.
  • Sticky Paws: Drop Rate increased to +20%.
  • Meow Heal: HP recovery increased to +20%. Skill will now self heal.
  • Cat’s Claws: Max Critical Rate increased to +30%.
  • Purr Zone: Damage and Party Heal increased.
  • Mouser’s Insight: Ignore Defense increased to 20%.
  • Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg: Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds.

Team Roar (Hyper Skill): Duration increased to 30 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 360 seconds.


  • Stance effect taken from Ultra Charge and moved to HP Boost.


  • Eight-Legs Easton: Upward attack range increased.


  • Final Form: Sit after use. Hang from ladder possible.
  • Dragon Slash, Wing Beat, Gigas Wave: Skill use motion in Final Form changed.


  • Energy Gauge: Remains the same once the player is revived (so if I die and have 20 Energy, I will revive with 20 Energy still remaining).
  • Beam Dance: Damage increased.
  • Mecha Purge: Snipe: Attack count increased to 6. Attack speed increased.


  • Rangefinder, Bolt Surplus: Critical Rate increase has been changed to Ignore Defense.
  • Net Throw: Throw chance increased to 100 and cooldown added (5 seconds).
  • Dragon’s Breath: Can now hit up to 9 enemies.
  • Reckless Hunt: Min Critical Damage +15% added.
  • Snipe: Damage Cap increased to 500 mil. Range increased. Delay reduced.
  • High Speed Shot: Damage Cap increased to 500 mil. Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Bullseye Shot: Damage 20% increase added.


  • Potential Power: Damage 20% increase added.
  • Spirit Surge: Damage increase is now +30.
  • Leap Tornado: Attack area increased to area below.
  • Ignis Roar: ATT increased with Link Attack is now +40.
  • Ancient Warding: Damage increase is now +40.


  • Divine Charge: Holy Attribute given. Damage increased.


  • Auto Activate: Can now be toggled for skills that use this feature.
  • Skills that Auto: Assassin’s Mark (Night Lord), Fox Spirits (EunWol/Shade), Soul Seeker Expert (Angelic Buster), Shadow Bat (Night Walker), Aegis System (Xenon), and Ignite (Archmage FP).

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