Warframe Update 16.11

Update 16.11 brings us Ash Prime and changes to Excavation missions and Greedy Pull!

Ash Prime: He has been released alongside the Vectis and Carrier Prime. Prime Access post here.

Conclaves: Ash and Ash Prime have been added as usable Warframes. Vectis and Vectis Prime have as well.

Excavation Changes: Spawn logic changed to mimic Survival spawns. First dig site is made available immediately, but subsequent dig sites are delayed until the first one is activated. Excavator hit boxes fixed so that melee enemies aren’t shielded. Reduced the number of Kubrow Dens that appear on Earth Excavation missions.

Misc Changes: Greedy Pull will now only draw items in for Mag. Nightmare Assassination missions will no longer have the possibility of being timed.


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