Path of Exile: The Awakening – New Challenge League & Challenges

Two new challenge league are set to launch on July 10th along side with Path of Exile: The Awakening. Complete challenges in either league to attain some unique prizes.

Warbands League

Warband league is the upcoming Standard Challenge league where Warring Clans can be found throughout Wraeclast (Through all the acts). You will find these Warbands in groups that buff and syngerize well with each other. These Warbands grow stronger as the player grows stronger eventually leading up to the Elite and Leader enemies appearing. There are 3 Warbands, each having their own unique loot. Warbands will change their locations over time responding to which Warband is being most sought after.

Tempest League

Tempest League is the upcoming Hardcore Challenge League where magical Tempest have been spread out all over Wraeclast, it is similar to Shrines but they affect both Players and Enemies on activation. Tempests vary from negative to positive such as increased drop rates or increasing enemy sizes.

When a Tempest affects an area, it affects it for everyone in that league for an hour. You can look at the world map to see what Tempest affects each area at the moment. Some of the rarer tempests grant significant item finding benefits, so are worth keeping a lookout for.

Based off this, I assume there are weaker instance Tempests that only are in effect during the same instance and larger scale Tempests that are similar to Map Affixes that are in effect throughout the whole location i.e Chambers of Sins versus a corrupted Vaal zone.


Every time a player completes a challenge, they will be rewarded a piece of a Totem that can be placed in a player’s hideout. Finish all the challenges to complete the Totem and if you’re quick enough the first 50 players to finish all the challenges will be rewarded an exclusive Warbands/Tempest T-Shirt.


  • Reach Level 82 on 3 separate Characters
  • Redeem Different 25 Divination Card Sets
  • Kill All the Warband Members (28 Total)
  • Clear Areas With 55/59 Affected Tempests
  • Kill Specific 44 Unique Bosses
  • Complete Specific 36 Vendor Recipes
  • Corrupt Specific 36 Unique Jewels
  • Full-Clear, Identify or Slay 30 out of 33 Specific Things


Full Challenges 




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