How to get Carrier Prime

Warframe Update Spectres of the Rail has changed how to obtain Prime Items, find the corresponding prime item here.

Carrier Prime is the 2nd Prime Sentinel added alongside the Ash Prime update. Here’s how to get it.

Part Drop Location(s)
Carrier Prime Blueprint Tower IV Interception – Rotation A
Carrier Prime Cerebrum Tower II Exterminate
Carrier Prime Carapace Tower III Exterminate
Carrier Prime Systems Tower IV Sabotage

Carrier Prime vs. Regular Carrier

  • Double the health (400 vs. 200)
  • Higher armor (150 vs. 50)

Sweeper Prime vs. Regular Sweeper

  • Higher damage (60 vs. 42)
  • Higher crit multiplier (2.0x vs. 1.5x)
  • Higher status chance (15% vs. 14%)
  • Larger magazine size (20 vs. 10)
  • Shorter reload time (2.0s vs. 2.3s)

Carrier Prime Look


3 thoughts on “How to get Carrier Prime

    • The Carapace does drop in t3 exterminate, it just has a very low loot drop chance similar to the hikou prime pouch. You can only confirm it doesn’t drop if your get any other ash prime, vectis prime or carrier prime part that is not the carrier prime carapace.


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