A Storm’s A Brewin in Grim Dawn, Shaman

The Shaman is the 6th and newest class that is intended to release with Build 27 sometime this summer.

Shamans are masters of two-handed melee weapons empowered by storm powers backed up by their patron deity, Mogdrogen the Beast God. Shamans are known for there brutal beast like melee strength and their ability to utilize electricity for their own well being.

Shaman Mastery

Here are some of the skills in-depth that you will find on the shaman.

Skill Description
Primal Strike

“The first rite undertaken by novice Shamans is to imbue their favored weapon with the raw force of a thunderstorm. Those that survive this critical step become scions to Mogdrogen’s will and guardians of their people.

Primal Strike is a defining two-handed attack for the Shaman mastery. Smite your foes with a vicious overhead strike that calls down lightning upon impact. Modifiers for this skill cause your enemies to bleed profusely and for the lightning to cascade off the initial target and onto nearby foes. The skill’s Transmuter removes the cooldown at a penalty to damage, turning you into a conduit for the skies.

Stinging Swarm

“Conjure a swarm of bloodthirsty insects that tear apart anything they come in contact with.”
Stinging Swarm unleashes a hungering cloud of insects to rip your enemies apart with hundreds of small bites. The more you invest in this power, the more enemies will be affected by each cast. The Modifier for this skill cripples your enemies’ ability to hit you. The skill’s Transmuter causes the swarm to heal you for all the damage it causes in exchange for reduces damage dealt, turning it into a powerful defensive technique.

Nature’s Boon

“Call upon the beast god, Mogdrogen, to bestow nature’s blessing upon you and your nearby allies.”
The Shaman’s strong connection to nature protects her and her allies from harm and bolsters the flow of energy through the body, all while sealing wounds and cleansing poisons. Each of this skill’s modifiers adds additional protective properties.


“Strike with the strength of the earth. Whenever you land a critical strike, the ground shakes with the force of the blow, reverberating around the point of impact in a shockwave.”

Upheaveal embodies the fury and strength of the Shaman, causing the earth to rupture around you with every critical blow from your basic attacks. The resulting shockwave inflicts heavy bleeding and shatters enemy armor.

Building your Shaman:
Players focusing on the Shaman mastery will find themselves with a savage array of lightning-infused powers, untamed storms and hungering minions eager to claw your enemies apart at your command. Shamans excel in melee combat, but can also be suited for a ranged build focused on covering the battlefield with lightning.

Players focused on other masteries would benefit from picking the Shaman for their second mastery if they are looking to focus on two-handed melee combat, lightning damage and additional minions. Hybrid builds can also look forward to class names such as: Warder, Elementalist, Conjurer, Trickster and Druid.


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