Path of Exile: The Awakening – Current Unique Jewels from Quest Rewards

Here’s all the current Unique Jewels from Quest Rewards in Path of Exile: Awakening.

Survival Instincts Viridian Jewel

+20 Dexterity

+6% All Resistances

Limited: 1

Survival Secrets Cobalt Jewel

3 Mana Regen/s

10% Increased Elemental Damage

Limited: 1

Survival Skills Crimson Jewel

10% Increased Physical Damage

+50 Armor

Limited: 1

Poacher’s Aim Viridian Jewel

15% of Projectiles piercing

10% Increased Projectile Damage

Limited: 1

Warlord’s Reach Crimson Jewel

8% Increased Attack Damage

+1 Melee Weapon and Unarmed Range

Limited: 1

Assassin’s Haste Combalt Jewel

10% Increased Mana Regen

4% Increased Movement Speed

4% Increased Attack & Cast Speed

Limited: 1

Conqueror’s Potency Cobalt Jewel

4% Increased Effect of Curses casted

8% Increased Effect of Flasks

3% Increased Effect of Auras casted

Limited: 1

Conqueror’s Efficiency Crimson Jewel

3% Reduced Mana Cost of Skills

4% Increased Skill Effect Duration

2% Reduced Mana Reserve

Limited: 1

Conqueror’s Longevity Viridian Jewel

3% to Avoid Elemental Status Ailments

8% Increased Life Recovery from Flasks

2% to dodge Attacks

Limited: 1


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