One Plus 2

After One Plus successful launch of the One Plus 1 last year, they are attempting to recreate the hype for the One Plus 2.

The One Plus 2 will be rocking the OxygenOS, OxygenOS is most well know for its’ Off Screen Gestures, Quick Settings, File Manager. It is OnePlus’ own designed OS which should fully utilize the One Plus 2 to its full capability.

The One Plus 2 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor which rose some controversy about the likelihood the One Plus 2 overheating but personally, I haven’t had any issues with overheating yet.


The resolution of the One Plus 2 screen will remain at 1080p similar to its predecessor the One Plus 1. The rear camera of the One Plus 2 will be an upgrade from the One Plus 1‘s 13mp camera but the specific mp is still unknown.

One unique feature that the One Plus 2 will come with is it’s fingerprint sensor which is said to be

“refined and lightning quick, unlocking your device faster than TouchID.”


You will be able to store up to 5 fingerprints profiles and the fingerprint sensor won’t be at the generic home button location like Apple’s and Samsung’s.


The One Plus 2 will be the first global phone to consist of a USB-C cord, see it as another way to make One Plus unique similar to Apple having its own lightning connector. The One Plus 2’s USB-C cord seems to be very durable unlike the generic spaghetti cords. It will also be backwards compatible so that the One Plus 1 won’t be left out, reassuring continued support for the One Plus 1.


As for battery life, if OnePlus keeps what it did for the One Plus 1, then the One Plus 2 should have significant improvements in battery life and charging time. Similar to the battery, storage should be available in 32gb or 64gb along with 4gb ram. The pricing should be around the 300~400$ range. Release date is confirmed for Q3 of 2015.


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