Warframe Update 16.10

Warframe Update 16.10 brings us the Simulor, a gravitational singularity generator!

Simulor: Can be purchased in the market for 210 platinum or crafted by buying the blueprint from Cephalon Simaris. Is a held trigger weapon similar to the Gammacor.

  • Manufacturing: Requires 20k Credits, 1,200 Ferrite, 850 Polymer Bundles, 1 Orokin Cell, and 1 Argon Crystal. Blueprint can be bought for 75k Cephalon Simaris standing.
  • 50 Magnetic Damage
  • 10% Crit Chance
  • 2.0x Crit Multiplier
  • 10% Status Chance
  • 2.00 Rounds per Second
  • 10 Rounds per Mag
  • 3.0s Reload Time
  • Polarities:  and 

Warframe 16.10 Emotes

These new emotes can be equipped in the Arsenal under Emotes.

  • Clap and Shrug are new Action Emotes
  • Eclipse and Fathom are new Nartas

Conclave Changes:

  • The Tainted Mag Mod has been removed for use in Conclaves

Rhino Changes:

  • Rhino’s Charge will now ragdoll enemies.
  • Rhino’s Roar will now last 30 seconds regardless of rank.
  • Duration Mods now affect how long enemies are suspended in air with Rhino Stomp.

Excalibur Fixes:

  • Fixed Channeling when using Exalted Blade. It will now consume energy normally.
  • Syndicate Mods now work properly with Exalted Blade.
  • Excalibur’s passives now affect Exalted Blade (+10% Attack Speed and Damage)
  • Nullifier shields now block Slash Dash.

Misc Changes:

  • Braton Vandal has received an audio tweak when firing.
  • Audio FX on channeling tweaked.
  • Players can now change their emotes in the Arsenal.

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