Warframe Devstream #55

Devstream 55 gives us previews of Parkour 2.0, the J3-Golem Trial, the Frost reworks, and Solar Map 3.0!

Full Devstream:

People Present

  • Studio Manager Sheldon
  • Animation Director Geoff
  • Community Manager Rebecca
  • Creative Director Steve
  • Design Director Scott

Big Announcements and Plans

  • Nyx Nemesis Skin coming to console after Xbox certification is done.
    • Also, Dera Vandal has been released for PS4 (they supported Nef). For those wondering: Compared to the original Dera the Dera Vandal has higher Base Damage (31.1 vs. 22), slightly slower Reload Time (2.4s vs. 2.37s), larger Clip Size (60 vs. 45), higher Crit Chance (5% vs. 2.5%), higher Crit Multiplier (2x vs. 1.5x), and higher Status Chance (15% vs. 10%).
  • Rhino Collectible Statue is still available in the store, but will be replaced by Mag soon. Nyx will still be after that.
  • Valkyr Pre Corpus Skin still has no hard release date, but it is planned for Update 17.
  • Shotgun Tweaks: Double or triple DPS of Shotguns when used in “optimal range”, and falloff is still in. Damage falloff being designed to never drop below half of base damage. More powerful feel when using shotguns, so enemies are more likely to ragdoll or be blown to bits when killed by a shotgun. Reticule will change in some way to show whether or not the enemy is in optimal range of shotgun.
  • Kubrow Armor: Preview shown (18:57 – 21:18). First two iterations of the armor have been made that will work for all Kubrow shapes and sizes. DE has not said whether or not this is purely cosmetic or will give stats as well. Release is Update 17.
  • Usable Environments: Preview shown (23:40 – 25:23). New tools such as turrets and will be present in certain tilesets and can be used by both enemies and players. Deployable cover acts like airbags in that they will pop up when a player activates them and will deflate when they take enough damage. Grineer utilities are coming first.
  • Parkour 2.0: Preview shown (27:00 – 33:13). Momentum plays a bigger factor than before. Even enemies can be used as surfaces, and double jumps have been implemented and can be retriggered every time the player hits or latches onto a surface. There is more control and the parkour is more fluid, which is worth the seemingly slower movements. However, it is still possible to gain a large amount of speed. Stamina is going away, so it will not play a part in parkour. Enemy hopping shown (37:24 – 37:28) and confirmed to do damage and knockdown. Also, jumping from a high height no longer forces an auto roll or heavy landing that gets you stuck. You will be able to dodge roll into any direction from a high landing. Coming in Update 17.
  • J3-Golem Trial: Preview shown (38:22 – 41:00) and preview with sound shown (1:08:40 – 1:10:40). Final arena for him is a giant infested area in space where he seems to also have a piece of a Fomorian on him since he has the same laser. Main Golem “head” does come off and move as its own spaceship. As part of the trial, one team will have to continue to fight Golem outside while another team goes into the Infested Ship when the head comes off. There is a mix of Archwing and on foot combat. Coming Update 17.5.
  • New Art Set: Preview shown (46:40 – 47:50). Fractal being utilized, so as the player gets closer there will be more squares within squares. Other very shiny things shown.
  • Solar Map 3.0: Preview shown (48:04 – 50:18 and 50:43 – 51:48). Planets have been split into 5 areas. From top left to bottom right: Vazarin Expanse, Naramon Core, Zenurik Fields, Unairu Volatiles, Madurai Sphere. Goal is to make solar map look more like a celestial atlus that the Tenno have mapped out for strategy. The actual images displayed have nothing to do with the areas, but there will be sort of constellations that represent the areas. Areas that have been mentioned in the lore such as Grey Terminus have been added to the Solar Map for reference. Note that the areas are named after the polarities. The areas won’t be visible until they are unlocked, so the Vazarin Expanse will be completely invisible to a new player until they unlock a planet within that area. General unlock order will be counter clockwise starting at the Naramon Core. More lore being added for the solar system.
  • Frost Reworks: Preview shown (54:50 – 1:02:03).
    • Freeze: Frozen enemies are now affected by gravity and will be smashed apart. If Freeze hits a surface, it will create a 100% Cold proc AoE trap.
    • Ice Wave: Goes out in a cone rather than a single line. Enemies that survive will also take a 100% Cold proc and freeze.
    • Snow Globe: When casting Snow Globe, enemies will be frozen and ragdolled away like a Shockwave Moa stomp. Still a max of 4 Snow Globes. Duration no longer affects Snow Globe, and they last as long as their health.
    • Avalanche: If an enemy survives the initial damage, then they will have their armor reduced.
  • Warframe App: Preview shown (1:04:06 – 1:06:56). More progress shown. The entire Liset is available from this app, so you never need to be at your computer to handle things like your Foundry or your Kubrow, as well as check current Alerts and Invasions. The build is a proof of function, so in the final build the loading time will be a lot shorter.

Q and A

Question Answer
Should Greedy Pull be, in some way, worked as a universal mechanic? It has been seen as an efficient way of farming, but that’s all it is at the moment. We have been testing it in various areas to see how we can change Greedy Mag builds and prevent it from being overpowered. We want to keep the augment fair and unique, without ruining people’s builds.
Now that we’ve gotten better cloth physics, when can we apply it to other cosmetics such as helmets? The Anima/Animus/Yin Yang/whatever Warframe will have a lot of it.
PBR on other Warframes? They are gradually coming to all the older content such as Frost and Trinity.
New 5th Kubrow? This will be a new gene for Kubrow, and won’t be a cat type Kubrow. It will still play a retriever role.
Guide of the Lotus program clarification please. It is officially launching today (June 26th) and there will be an FAQ on the website. Recruitment is open depending on the staff’s suggestions and purple text will return for the guides.
When are PS4 themes coming? July is the hopeful release date.
Progress on the Mios (community designed weapon) and Nunchucks? Still being worked on, with the Mios being committed to Update 17.5. Nunchucks are to be continued. Motion capture still being developed.
Can I use the app and be logged in at the same time? Yes you can! So you can claim Forma mid mission, and the app is free.
Changes to Warframe survivability with Parkour 2.0 dodges being taken into account? Will be looked at and see how damage numbers look, as well as invincibility frames.

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