Persona 5 Leaks

Although nothing new for Persona 5 was shown at E3, a few screenshots have come out from the Persona 5 Confidential Trailer that came with the pre-ordered copies of Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

P5 Steal Back

The above picture is a screenshot from the new trailer on the confidential disk, which also includes the 2015 Persona SuperLive Announcement, the 2014 SCE Conference Announcement videos, and the 2013 Newsflash Persona Channel Announcement along with various photos.

P5 Student

P5 Thief

The protagonist plans out heists with his party, with each heist outfit being based on that character’s Persona.

  • Ryuji’s Persona is Bardolph of the Hanged Man Arcana. Like the protagonist’s Persona, Bardolph may refer to a work of fiction. In this case, it may be the Shakespearean thief who appears in 4 plays as mainly comic relief.
  • Anne’s Persona is Sayyida of the Moon Arcana. Her Persona may be based on the Pirate Queen of the Islamic West during the 1600s (full name being Sayyida al Hurra).
  • Morgana’s (the cat) Persona is Fortuna of the Fortune Arcana. This Persona isn’t based on a character per say, but may still have some symbolism in that thieves in popular culture tend to be really lucky people and thus have a lot of fortune (in the wealth and luck sense).
  • Fox Man is a new character whose name is unknown at this time. His Persona is Goemon of the Justice Arcana. Most likely based on Goemon Ishikawa, a famous thief from the Sengoku Era of Japan who was boiled alive by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The Fox Man appears to a rival thief, but just like the protagonist his motives are unknown.

Below are more screenshots from the confidential trailer.

P5 Never Give In

P5 Reach

P5 Arsene

P5 Velvet Room

The game is still set for a 2015 release date, so let’s hope more information comes out before then!

If you wanted to see the confidential trailer for yourself, here it is here:


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