Revenge is coming Guardian, Destiny: The Taken King

The Taken King is the third installment of DLC expansion coming to Destiny in September.

In the Taken King DLC, there consists of a new storyline, gear and sub-classes. The story of the Taken King is that Oryx, the Taken King has arrived on the rings of Saturn and is going to consume the earth in Darkness for revenge on the guardians who have kill his son Crota from The Dark Below. The Taken King will be available on September 15, 2015. 


Oryx, the Taken King controls an army of taken, which are individuals who have been consumed with darkness and now serve their king, Oryx. They are essentially corrupted beings whose minds and bodies have been overtaken by darkness.


The Taken King will include new exotic weapons, six-player raid and many more. There are 3 new sub-classes for the Titan, Warlock and Hunter. The Titan’s new sub-class is the Sunbreaker who specializes in fire ranging from close combat to long distance.

titan warluck hmmmer

Warlock’s new sub-class is the Stormcaller giving him the ability to manipulationg storm energy allowing him to chain lightning bolts from his finger tips. Lastly, the Hunter’s new sub-class is the Nightstalker which utilizes gravitational void energy and shoots it out of his bow.


The Taken King DLC will take you onto Oryx’s ship, the dreadnaught where you have to fight through numerous taken enemies and Taken Bosses to ultimately reach Oryx and stop him before he reaches earth.



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