Batman: Arkham Knight, What is Gotham’s Future?

Batman: Arkham Knight is releasing tomorrow. Here’s an overview of what you’ll expect in the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the final installment of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy, successor of the Batman: Arkham City & Batman: Arkham Origins. Batman: Arkham Knight takes place a year after the events that have unfolded in Batman: Arkham City where Batman confronts Scarecrow after he had started a fear toxin attack on Gotham City but Scarecrow is aided by a mysterious villain called the Arkham Knight along with all of Batman’s enemies. Gotham civilians are forced to evacuate leaving criminals and villains in Gotham, making Batman’s job increasingly more harder.


Arkham Knight expands Batman’s arsenal of gadgets and moves, Arkham Knight is a huge open-world set in Gotham City approximately five times the size of Arkham City’s prison, so huge you can explore the three islands of Gotham City. To improve movement through the city, Arkham Knight is the first Batman game from the Arkham series to include the Batmobile as both a transportation method and weapon.


Gadget such as the grapnel gun, batarang, line launcher, detective vision and many more returns from previous titles. The Batmobile can also act as an gadget because it can be controlled remotely resulting in numerous ways of solving story blocking puzzles.


The Batmobile can also turn in a massive tank that wrecks havoc in any direction. A new gear that as shown in the Arkham Knight trailer is The Disruptor which is capable of jamming enemy weapons. In addition to those, the Disruptor has the ability to explode enemy weapons, set up traps when enemies attempt to reload and track enemies.


The fighting system of previous titles are implemented into Arkham Knight and the combat system is smooth and fluid as ever. A new mechanic in Arkham Knight is the abillity to use surround object as a weapon such as a baseball bat. Batman is increasingly as deadly, as now he has the ability to take out 5 enemies at once. If you’re looking for a new experience everytime you fight and numerous method of approaching enemies, your in luck because Arkham Knight consist of a huge variety of playstyles and gear.


Arkham Knight introduces a new mechanic called Dual Play similar to GTA’s switchin between characters which allows you to switch between Batman and his allies: Robin, Nightwing, or Catman. You can combo attacks even when switching characters resulting in even more deadly takedowns and finishers.


Environmental hazards return so make sure to taken advantage of these and prevent yourself from taking damage from these hazards. Fear Takedown is a new move that allows Batman to simultaneously takeout 3 enemies as long as he stays undetected along with allow Batman to continue his combo after utilizing the Fear Takedown.


For the completionists, Arkham Knight consists of a NewGame + allowing players to revisit previous missions in order to finish the Riddler’s 243 challenges in different approaches.


Friendly character such as Commissioner James Gordon, Oracle, Robin, Nightwing, Azrael, Catwoman, Alfred, and Lucius Fox are all in Arkham Knight.


Enemies such as Scarecrow, the Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Firefly, Man-Bat, Poison Ivy and the Arkham Knight are all apparent in the game.


Arkham Knight will include a huge amount of side mission for players to be fully immerse into the Batman universe and the chaos that is going on the Arkham Knight. Players will be able to encounter high-profile criminals in the Most Wanted Missions such as Firefly, that will give the player a hard time and target individual criminal master minds to proceed the story in their vision.


Each Villain in Arkham Knight has their own arc storyline just like previous titles where you must defeat Villain to Villain until you finally reach the main Villain. The traditional boss fighting in Arkham Knight is almost non-existent, numerous boss fight will consist of cinematic fighting scenes.


Arkham Knight setting is the night and set on Halloween date. The game introduces rescues where you have to rescue civilians that were caught as hostage only for some of them to lead you into traps. Players have the ability to select their own mission and how they want to play the game and in what order.


Puzzle solving in the Arkham Knight has evolved, you now have numerous methods of attaining information such as re-watching video surveillance for information, interrogating criminals throughout the city for information and much more.


Arkham Knight has no loading screens, the whole game is fluid and clear due to the new generation of console hardware. The graphics are great, crisp, clear and logical plus the detail of Gotham and the characters are very deep. Arkham Knight will have DLC for 6 months straight, a new DLC every month.




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