Experience the World of Street Fighter V

The new Street Fighter V will introduce a new feature named the V-System giving Street Fighter characters more versatility.

The new V-System uses their own gauge bar which we would call the V-gauge which builds up similar to the original super bar. The first unique part of the V-System is the ability to use the V-Attack which has its own special depending on the character. Ryu’s, for example allows Ryu to evade an attack than counter attack without it being blocked. Certain other character have their own unique V-Skill.


V-Counter is the a new mechanic that allows players to counter attack when blocking and is also unique each character.


Lastly, the V-Gauge serves so you can activate your V-Special which is presumably another super for your character, the power is this ability is capable of turning the side of the battle in an instant.


As for the game play, each character have some moves re-inputted and changed. The graphics have been improved and the physic and fluidity of the movements are much clearer and the hit-box seem to be more accurate.


Currently, the characters confirmed to be in the game are Ryu, Cammy, Birdie, Chun-Li, M.Bison and Nash (Charile from Street Fighter Alpha).



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