Starcraft: Legacy of the Void – Balance Update [ 6-17-15 ]


Topic  Change
Worker Count Worker counter change displays 2 per mineral patch instead of 3 per patch.


Unit  Change
Ghost New Ability: Anti-Armor Drone – Deploy a flying, destructible drone. Channels a beam on a single target that reduces its armor by 3.

Ghost speed increased to 2.813

Medivac New upgrade: reduces unit unload delay from 1 sec to 0.5 sec

Energy upgrade removed

Liberator AG search radius indicator now is a dotted circle similar to Siege Tank in Siege Mode, but the ability’s start up still displays the animation.

Armory ship upgrade costs reduced to match vehicle upgrade costs


Unit  Change
Overlord Transport upgrade is now an upgrade available on Overlords individual.
Global transport upgrade removed.

No longer has the armored flag

Viper Parasitic Bomb ability cost increased from 100 to 125
Spore Crawler damage decreased from 15 +30 bio -> 15 +15 bio.


Unit  Change
Disruptor Damage increased from 145 -> 145 +55 shields

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