MapleStory Hot Week (6/22 – 6/28)

A week of gifts starts this Monday Maplers! Be sure to log in on the following days for your rewards.

All rewards granted from the gift box (except Spell Traces) are untradeable and the gift box has to be opened before the following day. Also if you obtain a gift box every day of the event (on the same account, does not need to be the same character) then you can pick an extra reward from any of the previous gift boxes (Monday – Friday only).

Gift Box Rewards:

Day  Reward
Monday Job Advancement Coin and 10-Year Token (10)
Tuesday Spell Trace (100) and 10-Year Token (10)
Wednesday Storage Room 8 Slot Coupon and 10-Year Token (10)
Thursday Eight-Title Holder (tradeable until used) and 10-Year Token (10)
Friday 2x EXP Coupon (5) and 10-Year Token (10)
Saturday 10-Year Token (50)
Sunday 10-Year Token (30) and extra reward (if all other gifts have been redeemed)

10-Year Tokens can be used to buy items from previous events from the Artificial Storage NPC in the Event Hall. These include androids, damage skins, chairs, totems, and other items!



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