Uncover how the Machines took over, Horizon: Zero Dawn

At the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015, Sony announced a new title Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a 3rd Person Open-world Action RPG based on a futuristic prehistoric crossover theme, developed by Guerrilla Games, it is guaranteed to have the same type of quality as the Kill Zone series, it has developed. It’s launch date is currently scheduled for sometime in 2016.


The story of Horizon: Zero Dawn is many centuries before life was advanced and grand but something happened and civilization went dark and humans not longer were the dominate species anymore. Machines were the dominate species at that point, there is not information on how this happen but now the world is a post post-apocalypse where civilizations went back to tribes. Now you follow the story of Aloy and her journey to uncovering what the past of the human race.


Weaponry in the game aren’t advance as guns and such but it seems that you are able to obtain these weapons such as the Disc launcher which you attain by defeating the Thunder Jaw. As for the variation of weapons, it seems the variation comes in the types of ammunition as in the reveal trailer, Alloy used multiple types of arrow such as the grappling arrow or the shock arrow.


Machines are the new dominate species but they seem to resemble dinosaurs but mechanic. They aren’t as intelligent as humans but they may be something more deeper into the story that lead to Humans not being the dominate species because these machines shown in the reveal trailer can be easily outsmarted. The trailer showed the Watchers, Grazers, Thunder Jaw and at the end showed a mechanic


The game features numerous ways to approach the game depending if you want to be a stealth and agile oriented player or you want go in guns blazing.


The presentation of this trailer was amazing, the transition from pre-rendered cinematic into game play was crisp and fluid. The graphic of the game look amazing and smooth plus there seems to be a lot of focus put into the detail as the scenery and the sky really look like they move seemingly in harmony.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is definitely one of the newly announced games I look forward to. It seems that Horizon will be a beautiful and entertaining journey while I get into the tactic combat system and dig deeper into the lore of this universe.


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