Discover a New World in No Man’s Sky

This time at E3 2015, No Man’s Sky finally revealed more and actually showed gameplay.

No Man’s Sky is a first person, open sandbox game located in an endless universe that keeps generating itself¬†whenever a player visits a new planet.


Planets generations ranges from terrain, mountains, oceans, creatures, structures and life. Every planet is essentially unique and there is ton to explore. Plus each planet is destructible.


The trailer revealed tools for the player such as a scanner or a gun, which means that No Man’s Sky would probably have more than just exploring new worlds. There some aspects of the game that haven’t been revealed or explained about yet but I hope the game will have some kind of object or some indepth system so that player won’t get bored easily.


As for the space combat, there wasn’t much information but based on screenshots, I would presume that you can upgrade you ship to do battle with multiple players. There’s also free roam in space meaning you don’t have to warp straight into a planet.¬†Ship customization is available.


There’s an encyclopedia that documents there discovers you find on your planet and you have the power to name it and share it online for other players to view. As for planets there seem to display the discover, spectral type and the space station class.


A race in the game that is essentially on every planet is the Sentinel which is a robotic race that regulates exploration of players and keeps planets from our corruption to preserve the planet’s nature state.


No Man’s Sky will have terraforming, resource farming, resource trading and many more features. No Man’s Sky currently has not release date but title was announced two years ago.


Overall, there is not much information on No Man’s Sky but its concept and ideas are amazing but I’m wondering how well they are going to execute. I feel like they need to be more content than just exploration unless there is purpose why, such as searching for a certain kind of material and etc.


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