Dennis’s Thoughts on E3

Hey guys, GruntySoldier here! Now that E3 is over, it’s time to give my thoughts on each conference. Hopefully this post won’t be too long (if it is, please say so and I’ll take note of it next year where I’ll just do each conference separately after each conference ends) and you guys will tell me what you thought of E3 as well. Enjoy my rambling!

Bethesda’s E3 Conference

Doom: Starting on a high note with Doom, well played Bethesda! Especially excited to see what people make with Doom SnapMap. Of course, I probably won’t make anything but it’s always fun to see the creative within the community. If the same map makers from Halo 3 play Doom, then I will be VERY excited to play this game (Fat Kid nostalgia anyone?).

Battlecry: It didn’t look good to me at all, but then again it IS in alpha so… I’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.

Dishonored 2: One of the many returning series that I am extremely happy to see (there’s gonna be a lot of returning series so buckle up!) and I’m glad to see that there will be both a female (Emily Kaldwin) and male (Corvo Attano) protagonist. I think it would have been better if they hid Corvo to keep the Dishonored canon ending ambiguous (did Corvo die and leave Emily to rule by herself or did she really become Emily the Wise?) and kept the scene where Emily picks up Corvo’s mask to make it seem like he died only to come back in the game (that may be a cliche story telling device but it’d still be amazing to see!). But it’s still somewhat ambiguous as to what ending was canon (low or high chaos?). It’s good that Emily and Corvo have different powers and aren’t just a male / female gender flip, but I’m saddened that there is no co – op. It makes sense since the two characters will have their own perspective in the story, and thus probably won’t be together that much. They could have worked something out though.

Dishonored Definitive Edition: Next gen versions of old games (Dishonored isn’t as old as Jet Set Radio Future, but you know what I mean) are always welcome in my opinion. It’s even better because this isn’t just a graphically updated version of Dishonored, this has all the DLC too! This will keep people like me busy until Dishonored 2, and is a good review of the story.

ESO Tamriel Unlimited: I have not played ESO at all, but from what I’ve heard from close friends it was terrible at launch and slowly got better. I hope Tamriel Unlimited makes big changes and additions that will make more people play ESO and keep the game alive, since I’m actual interested in seeing how good this game will get.

Elder Scrolls Legends: Didn’t see much of this, but I probably won’t pick it up until I see more.

Fallout 4: The behemoth, the big one, the MOAG that everyone’s been waiting for. I was about to slump in my chair when they started showing concept art, thinking “is this all they’re gonna show?”. Then my hype skyrocketed as they showed the new character creator where you actually pick parts of your character’s face instead of picking from a menu. The beginning cutscenes and prologue looked great and I like that Fallout has more color than before and is taking place somewhere besides the Wastes (where there was nothing but sand). Settlement building looks very interesting and isn’t required, so I’m happy to see what the community can come up with (just like Doom maps). What really caught my eye (besides the fact that Fallout 4 was actually happening) was the customization. Being able to customize my armor, weapons, and my character is something I think will be a very welcome addition for Fallout where the main focus is you, the player. This will add a lot of variation to the game when it comes to weapons, and I hope there will be some sort of multiplayer feature (co op, PvP, anything will do) where you can show off all these unique things to other people. The Pipboy Edition is the coolest special edition for a game I’ve ever seen. That being said, I am too poor to afford anything like that and will have to pass on this sadly. I bet all the cosplayers will be happy to have this though.

Fallout Shelter: A free mobile game that is avoiding paywalls at all cost. The item cases (lunchboxes I think) are all you pay for I think, and even then they’ll most likely be obtainable from sending survivors out. No wait time is also a big plus and it looks really cool. Can’t wait to get this on my phone!

Overall Thoughts: Pretty cool, but it could have done without ESO (but that’s only me). Battlecry could have been left out too, but it’s understandable since they want more people to try it out and give feedback. The big ones for me were Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4, and I can’t wait to get my hands on those. I’ve never played a Doom game before, so the reboot will be a very fresh experience for me and hopefully I will enjoy it.

Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Halo 5: This Halo game actually looks good, and all I can hope is that they don’t mess up the multiplayer (both the online play and the campaign co – op). That’s really all I can say for Halo 5, besides it’s another Halo game (Reach is still my favorite).

Backwards Compatibility: Available for discs at no additional cost. Now it’s your turn Sony.

Elite Controller: GG Scuf? I dunno, that $150 price point is pretty high. There are also other 3rd party controllers that do very similar things that the Elite does and at a lower price. I doubt I’ll pick this up, unless my current controller breaks or something.

EA Access: This looks like a really good deal for EA games like Battlefield, and adding Titanfall to the mix will hopefully bring the population of that game up so I can actually enjoy it. Dragon Age Inquisition is also a very nice addition.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Wasn’t expecting this at Microsoft’s conference (I was moreso expecting Black Ops 3, but this was more tolerable) and there wasn’t much to see. 6 new classes could have been added in an expansion in my opinion, but I like Plants vs. Zombies (both the original games and Garden Warfare) so I’ll try this out and see how it is. I’m not particularly excited for this, and I’m also not happy that this was shown at Microsoft (taking up time that could have been used for something else) when it was shown again at EA but in more detail that was more presentation worthy.

Forza Motorsport 6: I would have laughed if Phil didn’t move when that car descended onto the platform. Besides that, was not impressed. Another car game which I’m not into, and I won’t believe it’s 1080p and 60 FPS until I see the gameplay firsthand.

Dark Souls 3: I say it’s too early for another one of these games, since Bloodborne was recently released. It was a nice pre-rendered cutscene, but other than that there wasn’t much shown. I like the Souls games, but I wasn’t ecstatic about seeing this game at E3 (or rather a pre-rendered cutscene with a Dark Souls 3 title drop). Again, wasn’t expecting this at Microsoft’s conference (or at E3 at all).

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Another “wasn’t expecting this at Microsoft’s conference” and just like Garden Warfare 2 it could have been taken out and just presented in detail at Ubisoft’s conference. I’m glad The Division wasn’t forgotten and that it looks cool.

Rainbow Six Siege: Same as The Division.

Gigantic: Wasn’t interested in this at all. Another team action game, which turned me down since I already play games like Warframe. I didn’t like the character designs and there wasn’t anything unique that caught my eye. If this game has nothing to differentiate itself from other PvE games, then it’s going to die fast.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Graphics are stunning as usual, but that trailer was god awful. The physics didn’t look good and there was little actual gameplay being down. The entire thing might as well be a pre-rendered cutscene. I’ll have to see if this game lives up the to previous Tomb Raider game.

Rare Replay: 30 great games for 30 bucks is a steal. I am definitely getting that so I can replay my favorite games and play games that I missed from Rare.

Sea of Thieves: I like pirate games, but if the gameplay sucks then I’ll just stick with AC Black Flag for pirates. Even if AC Black Flag isn’t multiplayer, I won’t play a game with a great theme but garbage gameplay.

Gears 4: This has probably been said already but the trailer was too damn dark! I could barely see anything, but the few things I could see looked really cool. The chainsaw animation has been the same since Gears of War 1 and that’s all I need. Keep the quality constant and make sure this game makes sense since Gears of War 3 had quite the ending. I’ll see what becomes of this game, and hopefully it’ll be good!

Overall Thoughts: There wasn’t anything I really jumped out of my seat for. Lots of the games I saw, I already knew existed and there was little info given about them. The Ubisoft games should have been saved for the Ubisoft conference. I’m happy for Rare Replay and Gears 4, but the rest are only so-so (even Halo 5).

EA’s E3 Conference

Mass Effect Andromeda: Excited to see what new story they give now that they have strayed away from Commander Shephard. I hope Bioware will learn from their previous mistakes and from CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3 to make this game special. Will be looking forward to that in 2016.

Need for Speed: Was not interested since I’m no racing game buff. Open world games are cool, and the Frostbite engine and customization will make this game interesting. The real life cutscene was odd to see, but it didn’t take away from the experience. However, just like Forza this will be a pass for me (not saying it’s bad, it’s more so because I’m not into these types of games).

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire: Dynamic stories based on player choices are always the best kind of stories in games for me. I haven’t played Star Wars The Old Republic since it didn’t look interesting to me at all, but I imagine that many SWTOR players will be happy to get this free expansion.

Unravel: Poor Martin looked really nervous up there (when the camera zoomed in on his yarn friend, I could see his hands shaking hardcore), but the game looked somewhat interesting and very relaxing. It reminds me a lot of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Yoshi’s Wooly World, and I hope this isn’t EA’s attempt to mimic those games. Or even worse: try to mimic LittleBigPlanet. It’s another game where I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Actual gameplay is always good. As usual, the game looks goofy and fun with the new Zombie classes being shown as well as a spin on the Garden Mode from the first Garden Warfare. I would have liked to see the 3 new plants as well (especially the corn gunner) but that may have taken a lot of time. I don’t know what they’ll add into Solo Play unless it’s literally just all the modes only with AI. Also really glad that my Garden Warfare unlocks will transfer over, but at the same time upset because that means that this really could have been added as just a 15 dollar expansion instead of its own game entirely.

EA Sports: The Game Face HD app was pretty cool, and I hope you can fine tune the avatar ingame. The wardrobe parts you unlock via global exp better be trophy stuff or something, because cosmetics shouldn’t be unlockables unless they’re really different (I can’t imagine sports gear looking much different besides colors). I, personally, am not into sports games so I’m trying to look at this from a sports fan perspective. It’s really difficult.

Minion’s Paradise: If this is going off of comedy and the fact that it has minions from Despicable Me, then it’s not going to last and will end up being a gimmick. For building your own home and managing your own people, Fallout Shelter would be the better choice. If Minion’s Paradise has any typical mobile game mechanics like timers on buildings or just having recycled interactions between the minions then it’s GG for this title.

Star Wars Battlefront: I liked how there was a lot of talking at the beginning, and then the spokeswoman said that the gameplay would start only to bring on more talking. Please, I don’t care about your life story, I just want to see the game. The game played a lot like Battlefield, which isn’t necessarily a complaint but moreso me expressing my disappointment since I played the original Battlefront games and would really miss features like Galactic Conquest. I also really hope the maps have their own objectives (like Brink where each map had different objectives depending on what map was being played, but change it so the actual objective isn’t divided into 4 repetitive missions) and aren’t just “Capture the Uplinks” AKA Domination. Game looked amazing and the scene where the player was piloting the AT AT got my hopes up. Seeing Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker fight on the battlefield with everyone else was also a nice sight. I probably won’t get this game (money man) but I look forward to seeing this get released, unless it really is just Battlefield Star Wars Edition.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Glad to see Faith back in a new Mirror’s Edge game. Everything looked the same as the original game, but with more color. I really hope it isn’t just the same thing and that there is something to make Catalyst a truly new game.

Overall Thoughts: “It all begins with gameplay” is that why we saw a bunch of pre-rendered nonsense? Geez I thought we already saw hell in Doom. All jokes aside the EA press conference was honestly pretty bad. E3 is supposed to be about showing off games that you have been developing for a long time. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to show off sports games for a long period of time to a bunch of gamers who probably aren’t interested. It’s also not a good idea to talk for long periods of time. Let the gameplay speak for itself and don’t start spouting poetry or something (Unravel was really bad about this). Overall not well done, and was happy to move on to the next conference (which should never be the case for any presentation).

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference

South Park The Fractured But Whole: I can get behind another South Park. I’d like to see some more South Park comedy combined with classical RPG gameplay, but I’m interested to see what happens since Obsidian isn’t on this game this time. Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t ruin anything.

For Honor: Looks REALLY interesting with the multiple culture battles, and seeing warriors of different nations fight each other in multiplayer battles is like a dream for me (imagine Deadliest Warrior on a larger scale). The gameplay didn’t look bad, but I really hope the formula of dodge and slash doesn’t overtake the multiplayer battles and there is actual balance in the game. The only game I think of that does medieval multiplayer battles right is Chivalry, so I hope this game lives up to the excitement I got from it. The whole 4v4 with AI mooks is really cool too, but I hope it isn’t like PvP Dynasty Warriors where you can wipe out mooks back and forth and only need to really worry about other heroes. The demo was short and most likely scripted, but it still looked amazing and I really would have liked a full match played out. I really hope Ubisoft doesn’t mess this up, because then I’ll really learn to be optimistic for new IP.

The Crew Wildrun: Didn’t like The Crew, and was not impressed by Wildrun. The complete graphical overhaul of the game was nice, but there was no actual gameplay shown (just some driving).

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max: I like the craziness of Trials maps, so I’ll see what this one brings once it comes out. Too bad nothing was really shown in the presentation.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Lots of interesting gadgets being shown in the gameplay trailer. Glad to see this game wasn’t forgotten and that a lot of progress is being made. RPG like tactical survival game with a level and looting system, this game sounds and looks really cool. Of course, the actual trailer should have stuck to gameplay perspective and stop switching to pre-render crap all the time (unless that’s actually in the game which would be amazingly annoying). Looks very interesting and hopefully there’s something in the game for people who don’t have other people to play with since the game looks like it really promotes team play. Also, I, too, script my game sessions.

Anno 2205: Never played an Anno game, but it looks like a really in-depth game. I like strategy games where I have to manage my civilization, and hopefully I’ll be able to engross myself in this. The actual presentation was cool, but I wanted to see some actual gameplay (someone utilizing resources and building stuff) and hopefully the game looks as close to this trailer as possible.

Rainbow Six Siege: It had a good trailer worthy of a world premiere (would have been better than the first trailer). “Everything is destructible” and “you stay dead” gives me a lot of hype for this title, and Terrohunt gives me memories of playing SWAT 4 with my friend (although RSS seems more on the lethal side given we’re fighting terrorists). Seeing how missions play out in PvP where offensive and defensive strategies come into play will be very interesting, and I’m excited to actually play this game with the beta and when it comes out. The gameplay they showed looked amazing and I can imagine myself actually talking to my friends like that given how this game, like The Division, is heavily team based. I look forward to this game a lot.

Trackmania Turbo: Nintendo may not have brought us a new F-Zero, but Ubisoft’s trackmania makes up for that. This game looks really cool and the new UI is a lot more stylish this time. Procedural generating tracks will keep this game fresh for a long while, and constant updates will hopefully prolong this game’s lifespan. Wasn’t expecting Trackmania, but I’m excited to get some friends together and relax with this game.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: More pre-rendered nonsense with no gameplay to actually show for Assassin’s Creed. The grappling hook coming from the wrist was cool, and hopefully the Syndicate part of the game will actually play a very big part in the game (like how AC Brotherhood implemented the recruits). Still not excited for this game since there is still no gameplay and I am fatigued from Assassin’s Creed games.

Ghost Recon Wildlands: This was a very welcome surprise! Very happy they’re making Ghost Recon (which hopefully won’t seem to similar to The Division when it comes to gadgets and tactics). The many different routes to take in finishing a mission is great for variety and to appeal to different playstyles. If this game keeps the Ghost Recon gameplay while adding in Deus Ex’s many options to completing missions, then I’ll be really happy and will definitely get this game to see how it is.

Overall Thoughts: I really don’t like it when people catch up on stage for a long period of time. It’s fine for a while since it’s comedy, but if a gimmick overstays its welcome then it gets annoying (especially with all the meme talk during the entire conference like when Aisha Tyler said “let’s make a meme” which made me lurch back in my seat). I guess that’s why I don’t enjoy Ubisoft that much, but they still did deliver on some great game trailers. I was in on half of the games while turning my brain off on ones like Dance Dance Revolution and AC Syndicate (not because it’s another AC, but because there was no gameplay shown). The Ghost Recon surprise was nice at the end and hooked me in right when I thought I was done, which is a great feeling to have during a presentation. Overall this was a pretty good presentation that made me feel good about the upcoming games.

Sony’s E3 Conference

The Last Guardian: Thank god THIS wasn’t abandoned and that there is gameplay to show for it. Not much gameplay, but something which is better than nothing. I hope more progress is made on this project and will continue to grow and change. It seems to me that both Trico and the player are useful (rather than Ico where Yorda was to be protected like an escort mission, or Shadow of the Colossus where Argo seemed more like a tool for travelling than an actual companion) and build trust with each other as they continue to help one another throughout the game. I’d like to see the world of this game and how it connects to the previous Team Ico games, but for now all we can do is hope and see this game develop. The excitement I feel for this game is indescribable!

Horizon Zero Dawn: The opening looked brilliant, and the transition to gameplay was great. The actual game looked good and there seems to be a lot of potential here, with a lot of focus being on the hunting tactics and monster design (getting some Monster Hunter vibes here, but with more stealth hunting than action hunting). I’m excited to see more of this game!

Hitman: Possible reboot? The trailer looked cool, and I’m hoping they do go back to their roots and make this Hitman game amazing. Can’t wait to see what they do.

No Man’s Sky: The space combat was a “small glimpse” all right. It looked like a cakewalk to take down enemies, but who knows right now. Hopefully the universe exploration isn’t big for the sake of being big, and will actually have substance and won’t be empty. Fully destructible environments to get materials as well as an actual threat is cool, but I still wonder what the actual point or goal of the game is. It could just be exploration and finding the center of the universe, or it could be filling the database of every alien and creature. Another year, another presentation where not much was really revealed.

Dreams: At first I didn’t think anything of this, but then I saw the dude animate things and thought “this would be amazing as a filming tool to make short animations”. I don’t really thing of this as a game, but more as a tool for creativity. I look forward to seeing what creative minds make with this.

Firewatch: Not much really shown, and no gameplay. I don’t know anything about this title either so I will make no opinion, positive or negative, on this.

Destiny The Taken King: The new weapons, supers, and maps look cool, but I really hope the new enemies and bosses in this expansion aren’t just more bullet sponges to shoot at like pretty much 100% of the bosses are in this game. No actual tactic besides shoot, take cover if damaged, return when health comes back. There needs to be more to keep interest, and what I see right now isn’t much so I am very pessimistic about this.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Another trailer which showed no gameplay. The canesword and throwing knives were cool, but it’d be even cooler even they were used during actual gameplay.

World of Final Fantasy: Huh. This game looks adorable and must have been made using the Dream tool from earlier. Jokes aside this isn’t actually bad. The more hardcore Final Fantasy fans may be a little upset (just as how the hardcore SMT fans were upset with SMT x FE) but I like how this looks. Not much gameplay but I looked forward to seeing this at Square Enix’s conference (and I was happy to see it there!).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Saying that this is “quite the graphical update” would be an extreme understatement. Going from polygons to THIS is unbelievable. Once again not much was shown, but I was excited to see this announced and wanted to see more at Square Enix’s conference.

Shenmue 3: This is all I can say. I had the same reaction. It’s as if Sony just grants wishes like a genie. I’ve only played the first Shenmue, but I understand the happiness felt by the fans at this being shown. I absolutely can’t wait to see Ryo Hazuki back in action!

Batman Arkham Knight: I don’t feel like this really needed to be shown since it’s a week before it even comes out, but the “This is how the Batman died” and the subsequent monologue from Batman caught my attention. Game looks good as usual for the Arkham games, and I look forward to this game’s release (which isn’t too far thankfully).

Black Ops 3: I was actually interested in seeing how the Specialist system worked and if there would actually be any character background and quirks unique to them (like how the Zombies characters were actual characters). Multiplayer campaign looked cool and I’m glad that co – op is returning. Gameplay looked fast and fluid, which is good because Call of Duty is one of those types of games where you just want to mess around. It’s what I call a “podcast game” where there’s not much thought needed to play the game and you could easily make or listen to a podcast while playing it. All the new gadgets and weapons looked pretty fun, and I want to see how BO3 tries to change up the game. Honestly, I’d probably only get this just because I want to see how ridiculous it can be and if it’s dirt cheap (I’m not paying 60, or even 30, bucks for this).

Star Wars Battlefront: This co – op wave survival deal looks pretty cool. I liked the gameplay they showed since there was more actual input and action than in the EA gameplay trailer. There was also more usage of the gadgets (little cards in the bottom right) and overall this presentation was a lot better than the one at EA.

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End: When Shawn said “that almost ends our show” and saw “only on Playstation” I expected Persona 5 or Kingdom Hearts 3 (if not those 2 then some new IP). Then I was reminded of Uncharted 4 thanks to this trailer. Naughty Dog seems to have taken the term “generic enemy” to the extreme since all the enemies looked the same. The action looks fast paced and there was a lot of cool attention to detail (for example: sandbags deflate as sand flows out after being shot). The chase scene looked incredible and I imagine playing it must feel that way too. Again, looking forward to seeing this game develop!

Overall Thoughts: Sony dove right into the gameplay and did not mess around. When it comes to presentation Sony is always the best to me since they don’t put in full minutes of talking nonsense, and just let the game speak for itself which is truly excellent. As for the actual games, I had a smile for most of the games and Sony had me hooked for almost the entire conference. There were some games missing that I would have really liked to have seen, but Sony still had a lot of content. Magnificent presentation and great games being shown creates the perfect conference, well done Sony!

Nintendo’s E3 Conference

Star Fox Zero: I didn’t grow up on Star Fox games, but this looked great and true to other Star Fox games (at least of what I’ve seen). Using the wiipad as a cockpit view looked cool and was great as an immersion device. This is another title I’ll definitely get to see what it’s about, and I can’t wait to see how this game progresses.

Amiibo: Vehicle amiibos that are compatible with both Skylanders and Nintendo games is a genius move. They look pretty cool too so I’d like to see more of these come out.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes: A new co – op Legend of Zelda title! It’s great that there’s also single player support as well with the Link dolls, and online support will make this game a blast. I will definitely get this game.

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Getting all the DLC characters plus Tetra and the King of Hyrule from Wind Waker sounds and looks great. The character switch mechanic from Samurai Warriors Chronicles being included was a nice addition too, but that’s the problem for me since I intend on getting Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 anyway and don’t want to spend more money on a very similar game experience. So I’ll most likely skip this game, but I do recommend it to people who have not played any Tecmo Koei game and want to play as their favorite Legend of Zelda characters.

Fire Emblem Fates: More Fire Emblem! And in English too! The title sounds a lot better than Fire Emblem If, but I’m still not happy that they split the game into 2 (especially since they announced that another 3rd story will be introduced). I’d like to see how the story plays out since it’s a scenario that I love (samurai vs. knights) and all the branching paths that are possible. Hopefully they give us more information as the year goes on.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem: I don’t mind J-pop, but a lot of people seem allergic to it. That aside, I like the new looks to the Fire Emblem characters (Chrom, Caeda, and Cain) but I wonder how other people will take it since they expected their favorite characters in a crossover and may have wanted the original look instead. Still not that much gameplay footage sadly, and I really don’t want this to be just another JRPG with nothing unique to it. I assume that the Mirage monsters, so far being the Fire Emblem characters, will be recruited and summoned like in Shin Megami Tensei, but I don’t know how the costume part plays a role in the game. More original characters shown which aren’t too standout in my opinion, and I’m still looking for my Demi Fiend dammit! Might get this game in 2016 if more info is shown and it moves me more to buying it, but right now I’m still on the fence.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: The design of the enemies look amazing, and the soundtrack sounds great with the trailer. Gameplay looked nice and a lot more fast paced or action-y than the previous Xenoblade Chronicles game. I hope there’s mech customization and space battles so that you aren’t just stuck on land the entire time and get more than the same combat over and over again. Looks very promising and I hope to get it once it comes out!

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: It seems like the regular Animal Crossing home building you did in New Leaf, but on a much larger scale since you’re helping out a bunch of other animals too. I don’t know what else there is besides that, and the town management part of the game is still probably going to be a big part of the game. I’ll have to wait and see what happens, but so far I’m not excited for this game.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Party: I’m actually happy this was announced since I absolutely hated Mario Party 10 for what it did to the traditional Mario Party formula. I like screwing people over in these types of games so I look forward to getting this game.

Yoshi’s Wooly World: I haven’t played a Yoshi’s Island game in a long time, and seeing the ideas of Kirby’s Epic Yarn combine with Yoshi’s games makes me want to get this game. I really hope this game does “provide the challenge and the fun” as Emi stated, because I like having a relaxing and fun time with my games. The amiibo colored yarn Yoshi was a nice touch, and it’s good to see that Nintendo is giving a use for amiibos in almost every game. Light hearted co – op game looks good and I like how they’re progressing with the game, so keep it up Nintendo!

Yo-kai Watch: This reminds me a lot of the old toy where you would scan barcodes and find monsters, then you would fight or catch those monsters. I doubt it’ll be a Pokemon clone or anything and there is more interaction between you and your Yo-kai so you aren’t just pressing buttons to pick a move. I’ll wait and see how this game develops, but right now it doesn’t look that interesting.

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam: This is a really cool concept. 3D and paper Mario worlds combined to make new RPG Mario game looks fantastic. There’s going to be a lot of creative ideas thrown into this game, and I can’t wait to see them!

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash: Those power-ups are going to make this more than a tennis game, which is great. I’d like to see what other power-ups they decide to use for this game, so I’ll be sure to keep up with the news.

Super Mario Maker: I was very excited for this game when it was first announced. Mario Hack people are going to have a ball with this game, and the community support will be amazing for this game. Once again, I’m glad to see how they implemented amiibos into this game with Costume Mario. Nintendo really is thinking of everything with this game. I can also imagine this being used for a level design course in a game developer school. Definitely going to get my hands on this game!

Overall Thoughts: Another year, another great Nintendo conference. There wasn’t too much emphasis on Amiibos thankfully, but it’s good that they weren’t completely forgotten either. I don’t like how Nintendo’s conferences are shorter and more of the actual games are shown at Nintendo Treehouse Live, but at least games are being shown in some way. Nintendo also finds a way to combine goofy fun with serious game talk (unlike Ubisoft which seems to be all over the place with Aisha, and also seems to miss the mark on comedy). Had a great time watching this conference, and I’ll be sure to watch next year’s conference. Good job Nintendo!

Square Enix’s E3 Conference

Just Cause 3: I’ve never played a Just Cause game, but this looks pretty good. It looks fun and hectic, which is something I look for in my open world games. With friends, the game would be a very fun experience with the new grapple tethers and easier to control parachutes. Going to wait and see how much farther this game goes.

NieR New Project: One of the great surprises shown at E3. NieR ended off great (all the endings were great, especially Ending D) and it’d be hard to top that story in a sequel. Happy to see all the old NieR areas (like the deyortsed ytic which is a spoiler so it’s written backwards) in updated graphics as well the new female protagonist (looks like a female NieR from Replicant, so I assume she’s the protagonist). Keiichi Okabe returns as the composer to make more masterpieces for this game, just like he did with NieR. At the end there was a message shown which is actually the writings found in ruins all over NieR and Drakengard, so it must have some significance in the story but we’ll have to wait and see. More information coming in Fall, so I’ll definitely take a look at that. Oh, and the Emil cosplay was unexpected but funny.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Game looks great, and there’s a lot of attention to detail. Sadly it seems like looking is all we get since, once again, there was little actual gameplay. Didn’t change my mind about this game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Once again, I am excited to see what comes of this game. More info this Winter, so I’ll be sure to see what else they show then.

Kingdom Hearts X Unchained Key: Turn based Kingdom Hearts huh? Doesn’t look too bad for a mobile game, and the story is supposed to be linked to Kingdom Hearts 3 so I’m definitely going to get this for the story and hopefully for its gameplay if it’s good.

Kingdom Hearts 3: More new worlds are always welcome. The keyblade transformations look cool, and they don’t seem to use any Drive. Then again, there was no Mana used when Sora used magic either so it could have been for demo purposes. Still the keyblade transformations are amazing and add a lot more the the KH formula than before. Trailer looked great and the conversation between young Xehanort and Eraqus was nice to see. As with everyone else, I can’t wait to see what else comes of this game!

World of Final Fantasy: Nice chibi style game with cameos of other Final Fantasy characters looks a lot more adorable than the usual Final Fantasy games. Hopefully it’s not just a simplified version of the usual Final Fantasy gameplay, but it does seem to be aimed towards children. The tower mechanic might give the game some more depth and let’s hope Square Enix gives us more info on this title as the year goes on.

Hitman: Just like Deus Ex, Hitman has a myriad of options to use in taking down your target and finishing your target. You can either plan out the entire level, or wing the whole thing and improvise your entire mission. I absolutely love this in games, as it appeals to every playstyle. Sadly there wasn’t much actual gameplay shown and most of it was pre-rendered, but they will definitely reveal more as time goes on.

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness: Looks like a nice action RPG and showcased a lot of enemies. Happy this is getting a Western release because the combat looks really fluid and fun, and the seamless transitions will help make this game keep its rhythm so the player doesn’t get kicked out of the immersion. I could probably find Japanese info for this game once it comes out so I can get my fix, but until then I’ll have to wait. Game looks like it has potential, so let’s see where it goes from here.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Lots of talking and pre-rendered cutscenes, with actual gameplay shown. The new augments and tools caught my eye, but my eyes were then blinded by the large amounts of glare. The graphics look amazing with the new engine and the new weapons and upgrades look fun to use. Story is very fascinating, and I can’t wait to dive into it when it comes out in 2016.

Project Setsuna: The concept art looks cool, but it’s too bad there wasn’t much shown. It’s probably only in early development and will come out in late 2016, so hopefully they keep giving us information on this new IP.

Overall Thoughts: Final Fantasy XV was included in one of the game montages, but I’m surprised there was no in-depth presentation for it. Square Enix did good with the game reveals, but just like most of the other presentations they had some problems with too much talking and not letting the game speak for itself. They also had the problem of not including actual gameplay with a lot of their presentations and focused more on pre-rendered cutscenes. Still, the games they showed look great and all of them are probably going to be great too. They also added new info for existing projects which is always great for people following those games. Overall the conference was pretty good, and I enjoyed the surprises thrown at me. Good going Square Enix!

Ending Thoughts

A lot was shown at E3, but it seems like that’s all that was done. There’s a lot of showing during presentations but little actual substance. Pre-rendered nonsense and long periods of just talking should not be a part of E3 since the focus is the actual game. If it’s a world premiere of a game or something then it’s fine to have a small teaser trailer and some talking, but don’t talk for minutes on end and then show a trailer that had little gameplay. I’d say Sony took the cake for me since they dove right into the games and showed off a lot of good titles. Bethesda would be next since they kept up their momentum for a long time from Doom to Fallout 4. Square Enix and Nintendo are a tie for me since they both showed off great new games and gave us a preview of more amazing content for existing games or games yet to come. Ubisoft and EA both had long moments where I just fell asleep, with a lot of awkward moments (EA’s technical difficulties and Aisha’s jokes) and not a lot of real gameplay shown (or just games that I didn’t look for) they didn’t live up to the hype that their titles alone generated. With this E3 over, we now have many games to look forward to this year (including ones we thought were dead like The Last Guardian and Shenmue) and hopefully they will meet or even exceed our expectations as more and more information is given to us. I hope you too had an enjoyable time with this year’s E3, and we’ll see what this year brings us!


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