Warframe Update 16.9

In the midst of E3 madness, update 16.9 brings us the long awaited Excalibur rework along with a few skins!

Noggles + Skins

  • Prisma Excalibur Bundle: Includes the Prisma Excalibur Skin and all the Prisma Excalibur helmets.
  • Proto Excalibur Skin: The Dark Sector skin returns now until June 24th.
  • Noggles: Prisma and Proto Excalibur Noggles have been released.

Excalibur Rework

  • Slash Dash will now auto target enemies within range (cone) and will have Excalibur ricochet from enemy to enemy. Enemies hit my Slash Dash count towards the melee counter.
  • Radial Blind will be cast on the move and leave enemies vulnerable to finishers.
  • Radial JavelinĀ has replacedĀ Super Jump as Excalibur’s 3rd ability and costs 75 energy to activate.
  • Exalted Blade is Excalibur’s new 4th ability. Excalibur summons a sword of pure light to strike down his foes. It scales with your melee weapon and all abilities will be powered up with this ability activated. It is a toggle ability that takes energy over time.
  • Armor: Excalibur’s base armor has been increased to 225 (250 for Prime).
  • All abilities have a new look to be in line with Exalted Blade.
  • Excalibur has been rebalanced for PvP

General Changes

  • Players joining a Defense Mission will now be only able to join before the start of Wave 4. The objective will be considered complete afterwards.
  • Made a naming convention for Warframe Animation Sets.
  • Improved visual tint on the Tigris.
  • Volt’s Overload will now cause destructive visual effects on nearby active light fixtures.
  • Players will now see a quantity next to Arcane Enhancements in their inventory.
  • Added Rare 5 Fusion Core Bundles and Uncommon Fusion Core Bundles to Hard/Easy Archwing Interception reward tables.
  • Noggle Capacity in the Liset has been increased.
  • Users with Chat Moderation privileges have their chat messages displayed in purple text.

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