Evolve – A New Hunter Approaches, Lennox

At the E3 Proving Grounds tournament, they unveiled a teaser for the new assault character in Evolve‘s Hunting Season 2, Lennox and also a sneak peak at the new spider monster.

Lennox is the new and first female melee assault character to be reveal for the Hunting Season 2. She is a unique character because she is immune to monster knock back, making her stand her ground while dealing damage. Her mobility is based on a jet pack that gives decent amount of speed. Her mechsuit is called the thunder child and consists of 3 unique weapons: Thunderstrike, Plasma Lance and Autocannon. Lennox will be available 6.23.2015


Smashed utilizes Lennox’s ability to use her jetpack and preform a leapin strike that deals 300 damage to the monster.


Impaler uses Lenno’x plasma lance which is essentially a wipe that deals 1500 damage to the monster but has a unique feature where if you can land consecutive hits in timed intervals without being hurt, you will gain +1 times multiplier from your Plasma Lance up to a 4x multiplier.



Lastly, Heavy Hitter uses her Autocannon which deals 770 damage to monster.





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