Enter the Forgotten World of Nier New Project

The unexpected sequel to the 2010 game(s) NieR (Gestalt and Replicant) was announced 5 years down the line with Nier New Project!

Nier Fem

Not much was shown besides concept art of the old worlds from NieR, but here’s what Platinum Games and Square Enix have told us so far. First off, the game is NOT a true sequel to NieR and is more so a continuation of the world. If any characters from the previous game appear, it is purely fan service and odds are they won’t be plot specific. The little story these characters will be given is most likely going to be closure to their story from the previous NieR game (for example: “tahW limE did retfa gnidne B morf ReiN” it’s in quotations and backwards because it’s spoilers for NieR). The goal is to make the game have the same spirit as the original while having better action gameplay (hence why Platinum Games was contacted for this project).

Nier Player

Second off, there will actually be 3 playable characters. The first being the unknown woman who was shown in full body near the end of the trailer. The second being the small figure over looking the destroyed city (shown above). We don’t know who the third is yet, but just like the previous 2 he/she will be completely new and won’t have any connection the NieR’s characters.

Nier Weapon

Nier New Project will carry over various things from the first game, such as a leveling system and many other RPG elements. The developers also stated that the game will retain a lot of elements from NieR, meaning it’ll be melee focused. This time, however, the developers are looking into adding shooting elements and reintroducing weapon stories. Platinum Games is also adding elements from their own games while trying to experiment with new mechanics, so let’s see what additions they bring to the table! Oh, and don’t worry newcomers. Taro and Saito stated that you won’t be alienated if you didn’t play the original NieR game. As for the veterans, there’s going to be a lot of easter eggs and nods to the old game that you’ll enjoy.


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