Enter a World of Assassination at E3 2015

The New Hitman was revealed first at the Sony Press Conference at E3 2015 followed by the Square Enix Press Conference and finished in the PC Gaming Press Conference hosted by Day9.

Agent 47 is back, following his storyline years after Hitman Absolution. The New Hitman is said to combine all popular aspect of all previous Hitmans. There will not be any save points but the map size is said to be 6 or 7 times the size of the maps and missions in Absolution. The NPC AI is all new, the NPC response and act logically and each have their own name and personality.


Every room matters in Hitman, there are numerous way of preforming your hit. Just like all other Hitman titles, you will be able to go back to mission and discover new and creative ways of assassinating your target, each time you complete a hit, you will be open to more options.


The New Hitman will feature a timed challenge contract, one shot one kill. You will have only one change to take out your target before their gone forever. Stealth and Gunblazing gamestyles are both taken care of, their are option for both kinds of playstyle. Maybe some having elements from both.

Agent 47

The New Hitman will feature Mission and Targets from all over the world, the trailer revealed Paris as one of the targets.


The New Hitman is a sandbox game with freedom of approach, featuring new mission, targets and contract mode. Hitman will receive constant updates to further the storyline, it has been said that Hitman will receive new mission and target updates until 2016 or farther depending on player feedback. Player feedback will determine the content and focus of the new mission and features that may come from the free updates.


Hitman is one of the titles that I am really excited for this year, I am hoping for hours to replayability and the story of whats going to happen with Agent 47 now.


Agent 47 is in tip top shape, able to run 10.00km in roughly 36 minutes and as you can see, he keeps improving. Roughly 5.8479 minutes per mile.

IO Interactive’s Hitman will release on December 8th and will have continued support and update until the end 2016.

EDIT: It has been delayed to March 11th, 2016.


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