What E3 2015 unveiled about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Last night’s Sony Press Conference at E3 2015 revealed the Call of Duty: Blacks Op 3 Multiplayer and Singleplayer Gameplay. There is a huge amount of information so get ready for hefty reading.

Since Call of Duty showed up in the Sony Press Conference, that means the end of Xbox getting special content a month earlier than Sony. Black Ops 3 will be made by Treyarch and through the trailer they showed. The multiplayer gameplay trailer revealed that their is a large spectrum of arsenal to choose from and the pace of the game is tremendously fast. Zombies are also confirmed to be in Black Ops 3.



it seems like Singleplayer is going to have a lot of content like the 3 tabs of ability you have access to and can swap between them. The ability seem to have the ability to use psychological and chemical warfare such as when one of player used an ability that made the enemy throw up. Another ability shown was the ability to send out Nanobugs to hunt down your enemies and one.


One feature of the singleplayer that seem very appleaing was the ability to have up to 4 player co-op. Another appealing factor of single is the ability to customize the character to your liking and playstyle.


4 Player Co-op of Campaign from Sony Press Conference.


The multiplayer trailer released yesterday showed off real multiplayer gameplay and real demo of the game at the Call of Duty Booth. The gameplay is stunning, crisp, clear and smooth. The pace of the game is very intense and there is always something to do, your never at rest.



As for the multiplayer, I have no idea where to start probably at the 9 specialist classes which 6 were available at the moment.


Ruin is an aggressive futuristic solder geared with cybernetic augmentation. As you can see he does not have normal arms. His special weapon ability consist of Gravity Spikes which when used sends an shockwave like attack that instantly kills enemies. His other ability is Overdrive, accelerating all his movements for a interval.



Seraph is an enforcer for the 541 crime syndicate, and part of 54 Immortals. She uses no visible usage of augmentation. Her ability weapon is the Annihilator which is similar to the Golden Gun from 007 but this weapon has the ability to pierce through multiple enemies. Her special ability is Combat Focus which gives he essential a 2x points in zombies allowing her the ability to rack up score faster so she can ascend in scorestreaks.



Outrider’s real name is Alessandra Castillo, throughout her childhood, she has attained keen sense allowing her to pinpoint enemies very easily. Her special weapon ability is Sparrow which gives you a compound bow with several explosive bolts that still go off if you kill your enemy, plus the bow is pretty much a one shot kill. Her special ability is Vision Pulse which sends out a pulse that reveal the surround enemies for a time interval.


Outrider is the woman with the bow.


Reaper is a Experimental War Robot heavily equipped with cutting edge robotics and is the only prototype of its kind. His weapon ability is Scythe where his arm transforms into a 4 barrel minigun mowing down any enemy. His special ability is Psychosis which lets reaper have 3 decoys through infiltrating the enemies sensors.



Nomad has the special weapon ability Hive which makes his weapon shot out Nanobot traps that when enemies pass through it, they will be teared to shreds. His special ability is the Rejack which acts as a second life, bring him back from the brink of death.



Prophets has the weapon ability Tempest which allows him to pull out a charge-shot weapon that fires an arc of electricity resulting in shock enemies and causing an elemental proliferation if enemies are in close proximity with each other. His special ability is Glitch which teleports him 6 seconds back in time but in the game sense, your optic senses have been hacked to and has confused you of where the enemy truly was.

Outrider with Serpah in the back

Prophet Specialist with a Seraph Specialist right behind him.


There are 3 perks slots just like previous Call of Duties and they are bring back the Pick 10 system. Perks such as Hard Wired, Scavener, Fast Hands and Cold Blooded are coming back.

Perk 2

Along with the retiring Perks, there are also new perk such as the Tracker perk which allows you to see enemy footprints thus allowing you to take their movements.

Perk 3


As for weapons, it is still unknown what Guns are returning in Black Ops 3 but it has been confirmed that the guns show at the E3 Multiplayer Booth for Black Ops 3 are all new guns that will be in the game at launch. Assault Rifles such as the ARK-7, the Locus Sniper and many other guns like the VMP, Weevil, XR-2 , L-CAR 9, Vesper, Kuda, KRM-282 Pump Shotgun, Shelva, Spyder, Man-o-War and much more. Throwing knives are making a return in Black Ops 3.

Customizing weapons + wildcards

ARK-7 - R3con Sight, Extended Mag and Grip. Reaper.


In the scorestreak section, there are numerous Scorestreaks returning such as the patented UAV and Airstrikes. This time, there is a new Scorestreak called the Lightning Strike which replaces mortars or trails of flames with an line of shock. Another New Scorestreak is Wraith which is a huge spike ball dropped off by an plane that seeks and hunts nearby enemies.


The Wraith Scorestreak.

Lastly, the Mothership which is one of the highest tiered Scorestreaks which wreaks havoc on the enemy team. Other killstreaks reveal is the HC-XD which is the RC car of the future except it floats.



The Mothership Scorestreak.

Scorestreaks that were mentioned but which I am not completely sure about is the GI Unit dropping from a Mothership and Tripmines on the wall.


G.I Unit being deployed from a Mothership.


The movement in Call of Duty: Black Ops has been confiremd to have unlimited sprint along with nifty movement enhance such as Thurst Jumps which slightly enhances your jump so you can get over objects that you could only jump waist high. Your thurst jump is limited with a limit bar and you have to effectively control it whilst in air.

Thurst Jump

Wall Running is an unique feature of Black Ops 3, Wall running allows the player to traverse large spaces and maps in the multiplayer consist of at least 3 or more platforms that require you to Wall Run. Even walls that aren’t specifically made for Wall Running, you can jump into a wall and then Wall Jump off to gain more verticality. Wall Running is a very rewarding and punishing feature at its core because if you mess up, you will be most likely falling to your death.


Power Slide is another feature that will forever replace the Dolphin Dive. The power slide allows you traverse small underpass paths quickly without much problem but can also act as a dodging mechanism.


One very big feature of these moves is that it can be done in quick secession meaning that you can get some serious distance if you can chain these movements in order. This will lead to the ability to outplay your enemies and not just be a sitting duck. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 fixes my problem with Advanced Warfare where the movement was way too much and seemed to conflict with actual skill where enemies can easily close ground between them and you making SMG and Shotguns more superior to the far ranged guns.


The overall movement in Black Ops 3 is quick and response, the input to response is near instant and the movement in game is fluid and clear without having to use much motion blur.


The Customization in Black Ops 3 as for multiplayer is very vast. With the addition of Gun Smith and Paint Shop, players will have the ability to make their own creation and even name their weapons. Plus they greatly customize the coloring, pattern and look of their gun down to the deepest detail. As for the customizability for the singleplayer campaign, I have yet to see what it really look like but Treyarch has been claiming that it is on par with the customizability of Multiplayer.


The pick 10 system is back with the multiplayer weapon setup. Scorestreaks are no longer with your setup just like original Black Ops where you choose your Killstreaks (Scorestreaks) before the game started and were locked in until you finished the match.

Customizing weapons + wildcards

In the Gunsmith, your gun will be customiziable from its Optics, 5 Attachments, Paint Job and Camo. The gun you created in Gunsmith and it’s Variant as long as you don’t change it and name the gun, you will be obtaining stats for your very own gun Variant.


The Paint Shop will allow you to customizabe your all three sides of your gun, up to 64 colors possabilities. You will have access to gradients, transparent colors and much more.


Multiplayer Leveling System

The progression system of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 so far as in pre-alpha, will be the same from Black Ops 2 where the maximum level is 55 and there will be 10 prestiges at the moment. David Vonderharr said that he wants to add another special feature to prestiging but that is yet to be announced.


The specialist class themselves will all have their own separate progression and rewards. Reaching certain progression on these specialist class will unlock new cosmetics for your Specialist class that can be used on any other specialist class.

New Battlefield – Underwater

Black Ops 3 is the only Call of Duty so far to have the ability for players to have underwater fights. The system so far allows players to be in water without instantly dying and underwater for a rough estimate of 10 seconds or so. The graphics and gun fight underwater is the same as if on land except for the water meaning sometimes you will have difficulty seeing far. Currently more maps are in-development in further utilization of underwater fights but other than those maps, the underwater Gun fights will not be apparent in every map.


Overall, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is one of the titles, I am looking forward to this year. It’s new features such as the specialist and score streaks are what i’m really interested in. What do you guys think of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Good or Bad?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is releasing on November 6, 2015.

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