Heroes of the Storm – Eternal Conflict

Blizzard’s Mayhem Begins Live Broadcast revealed a sneak peak to a Heroes of the Storm Update near the end of their Broadcast.

In their broadcast, they revealed what awaits in the new update corresponding to the Diablo Universe.

What will happen when the High Heavens and the Burning Hells are pulled into the Nexus?

The Eternal Conflict will bring in numerous characters from the Diablo Universe to the Nexus along with their own home-field advantage battlefield.


The first hero from the Diablo Universe to enter the Nexus is the Butcher. He is a Melee Assassin. He’s special ability allows to slowly gain damage over time.


Primary Abilities 
Hamstring Deals Damage and Slows Enemies infront of him in a rectangular space.
Butcher’s Brand Debuff apply to any enemy or minion that makes the Butcher regain health when he attacks. The Health gain is doubled on Heroes. 150% damage turn into lifesteal for minions and 300% for Heroes.
Ruthless Onslaught Charge towards a hero and stun if he hits the Target


Heroic Abilities
Ruthless Slaughter Chains a Hero to a spot and if they run, they get pulled back to the spot.
Furnace Blast Aoe fire skill, massive damage


Fresh Meat When he kills enemies, they will drop a stack of fresh meat by minion and 3 per Heroes. Each stack picked up gives 1%, Max at 25.

All his stacks are gone on Death.

the butcher

Eternal Conflict will introduce the Battlefield of Eternity which each side has its own theme, one Light and one Darkness.

Battlefield of Eternity

The main objective in the Battle of Eternity begins at 1:45. At 1:45 you want protect your Immortal whilst defeating the enemy Immortal. The immortals randomly spawns in either the North, South, East or West locations. The immortals have their own defensive ability such as they have a knockback and stun in an AOE area.

Battlefield of EternityThe immortals will move to a different location at 50% health and wen you defeat the enemy Immortal, he will gain a shield and push your strongest lane.


The Siege Camp in the north and south deal Single hit damage but deal much more damage. There is a 1:45 second interval per immortal after they have been defeated.


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