Friend or Foe? Tom Clancy’s The Division at E3 2015

Tom Clancy’s The Divison decided to resurfaced at the E3 2015 Microsoft Conference and even later at the Ubisoft Press Conference after months without updates since it’s announcement. Get ready for a hefty amount of information.

At the E3 2015 Microsoft Conference, A New The Division Trailer was released and later at the Ubisoft Press Conference, there was an actual gameplay trailer that showed very impressive features. Tom Clancy’s The Division is a 3rd person shooter,open world, action, rpg, tactical and loot systen game that features both Singlepalyer and Multiplayer aspects. Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place in New York, Manhattan. Inside Manhattan is where the several Dark Zones lays and where rare gear are found. The story is that New York, Manhattan has been infected with a deadly pathogen from a Rogue nation. The Divisions is a What If Story, what if the deadly pathogen did plague the world.


This game gives the player the ability to play PVE or PVE but theres a catch, for the best gear in the game is contaminated and the only way of obtaining these items is going to the Dark Zone which is a PVP enabled location infested with hostile factions out to get you. If you think getting the gear is the end of it, you must successfully extract your contaminated items from the Dark Zone but that will put a huge target on your location revealing to players nearby that you have valuable gear. The game is described as a role-playing RPG but I don’t believe that is true at its current state with no reliable communication system outside of Fire Groups.


The multiplayer aspect happens when you go to the Dark Zone and become vulnerable to player vs player combat. You can enter the Zone with a Fire Squad up to 4 players with you but they can betray you at any time as seen in the gameplay trailer but you can collaborate with other players inside the Dark Zone even if their not in your Squad. You also have the ability to enter solo and collect contaminated gear and extract those items. As you can see in the trailer, there are also non-hostile inside the Dark Zone which you can team up with.


A Firesquad exiting a Subway. Potential another setting.

Within the Dark Zone, you or your group is vulnerable to numerous hostile faction except for the JTF which is one of the friendly factions announced. Inside the Dark Zones, it seems that standard communication technology does not work as their are Jammers. Inside these Dark Zones consist of mostly hostile Factions out to kill you. Dark Zones are areas that do not require loading but extraction is still unknown. The Dark Zone is also hazard which is why they have to wear Masks. Dark Zones are made so that you will only find enemies and players near your level, so its somewhat fair.

Dark ZOne

Bodies within a Dark Zones after a Cleaner has finished his job.

Several skills were shown off in the Gameplay trailer such as Pulse, Turret, Seekermine and Grenades. Yo can have 2 main active skills and there is skill mod slots that allow you upgrade or augment that skill’s ability to fit certain situations. One revealed skill mod is the ability to turn a regular turret into a flame turrent or the ability to increase its rate of fire. Another is the grenade which could be turned into a sticky grenade or can have its blast radius and damage increased.


The Turret skill being deployed.

Weapons in The Division also have certain mod slots and as you level up, the gear of you weapons will have increased amounts of mod slots and quality meaning that you can more augmentations to the weapon while having those augmentations have more effectiveness. In the trailer, there are several range of weapons such as the ACR, the Contaminated M60E4 and much more. Weapons also seem to have a color marking their rarity. Legendary Gear is confirmed to colored Orange. Pink is another color but rarity is unknown, possibly below Legendary. Weapons also have a cosmetic slot meaning that you customize the look of your gun through skins, found in the game. There will be a level cap in the game but is still unknown.


After killing a player, the color of their bodies reveal the highest rarity of drop they hold. Ex. The Pink highlighted body holds a Pink Rarity ACR.

There are numerous Factions through the game and the most hostile ones are within Dark Zones. The Cleaners is a factions that strive to burn everything and are hostile to everyone.


Concept art of the Cleaners, once hired government workers to burn away the disease,now left in the quarantine zone, they have lost their minds and burn everything.

The Riker Faction are all escapist from the Riker Prison coming to the Dark Zone to live like kings, free of their consequences. The only confirmed faction that is non-hostile is the JTF but it is also confirmed that there are enemies that do not reside with a Faction and can be even more deadly.


Rikers are criminals that have escape prison and now roam the streets of New York.

In the trailer, they mention Elite faction enemies meanings there should be a ranking system of enemy difficulty that hasn’t been announced yet. Enemies also have a level which means that certain Dark Zones are certain level, that doesn’t make the game fully open world as you a restricted to certain lower leveling areas in the beginning but progression will lead to new enemies and new areas which I am fine with.


These Elite Cleaners have more firepower and Health but have better loot drops.

Crates contain the contaminated items and they will be added to your Dark Zone pouch, in order to use them you must extract alive with it. The reason given for why the Dark Zones have the strongest gear is because Dark Zones were once quarantine areas where the Army set up base but the epidemic got so bad that they had to leave, leaving their most powerful gear within the Dark Zones. The RNG of these crates are told to be in favor of the player and will almost certainly always reward a contaminated item of higher rarity than common, giving the player more of a reason to risk doing Dark Zones. As for the loot system dealing with Squads and who gets the items from the crate and who doesnt is still unknown.


Here, the player has found a contaminated Orange Item which is a Legendary Drop.

Extraction is what you need to do if you want to leave with your Contaminated items and make them available for use. Extracting seems to only work in certain locations and you will fire a flare up into the sky revealing your coordinates and you have to fend off players who want your loot, if you fail to extract alive, you will lose your gear. After waiting for Extraction, you will have a certain amount of time for depart giving time for raiders or traitors to make their move as was displayed in the multiplayer gameplay. Extraction only extracts the items, so that you can get later.


Extract your contaminated gear and leave the Dark Zone.

The Division seems to have a reviving system meaning that if your in a Fire team and one of your teammates go down, you can go and revive them. Thus means that rolling in group is much safer but can also result in betrayals. When a player takes too much damage, they are put in the down state where only group members can come help.


Revive Squad mates if they are downed in combat.

Going rogue is when you decide to betray players or play in an immoral way and kill players for their loots. Upon attacking a player in the Dark Zone will initiate the Rogue Protocol marking you as going Rogue and having a timer before you are not considered a Rogue Agent anymore. Being flagged in rogue puts a huge bounty on their head. The duration of you being rogue depends on how many hostile moves you do such as killing players. The demo has a 500 second max ~ 5 minutes. There are currently 5 ranks in being a Rogue agent, every higher rank increase the timer before your Rogue Agent status will be removed.


Player engages in Gunfight with other players and is marked with being a Rogue Agent

When you have killed a player, you will get their items but it seems you will only get a portion of them and won’t leave them without any gear. Becareful after you kill an enemy player because they will return with their equipments and try at a second attempt to regain their gear back but depending on how much time before the extraction leaves, you can successfully extract your gear and leave the Dark Zone without having to fear their revenge.


The combat in this game is very straight forward but is also very tactic. You play in third person and can overview the battlefield and make stragetic decision such as getting a height advantage or have the right angles to hit a critical shot on your enemies. There is also status effects in the game such as being set on fire by the cleaners.


Hey look! You can catch on fire.

Not sure if this is still relevant but The Division was suppose to release with an app that allowed the play to use their devices to activate support abilities whilst also checking the map for events.


This is just way too intense of a map, not even sure where I am.

Overall, I am really excited for this title but am also skeptical if it this combination of genres will be relevant and successful. Other than that, the graphics are crisp, clear and fluid while the environment is very detail and elegant. Wondering if there will be any destructible environments.

What do you guys think of the Division?

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be releasing on March 8th, 2016. BETA starts in December for Xbox One, Beta for PC & PS4 will start sometime in very early 2016.

TheDivisionTrailers and Gameplay videos can be found below.


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