Microsoft’s New Additions at E3 2015

The Microsoft Conference at E3 2015 announced one new feature and a new addition to the Xbox One .


Microsoft has finally decided to allow for Backwards Compatibility. This revives games made before the Xbox One came out and classics games that were made specifically for the Xbox 360 such as Halo Reach, Borderlands and many more. I hope these games will have improved performance because of the new hardware and have developer support to fix past bugs because the games have become relevant again.

Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility isn’t all it seems to be, there is an downside to what games will get the green light for Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility. The qualification for the games depend on the game’s popularity, community backing and either its worth making it compatible due cost or copyright problems.


The other major announcement that Microsoft announced is the introduction of the Xbox Elite Controller, a controller optimized directly to the game but these types of things are always overpriced, so I’m pretty sure you can find a control with similar features for at least half the price. Edit: The Price has been set at $150, there is no reason this controller should be priced at almost half the price of the console One unique feature that the Xbox Elite Controller has is that it has a hair trigger and that trigger seem to be made from a more premium and professional looking material. The D pad has an all new design that is very appealing. You can switch out the metal thumbsticks and the D-pads allow you to customize the controller to your fitting. You can also switch out the paddles in the back to fit your comfort. The one special thing the Xbox Elite Controller should be know for is its ability to change the Button Mapping without modding the Controller.


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