Hearthstone – Patch

Patch for Hearthstone introduces the New Heroes along with Tavern Brawl and the update on Customization in Hearthstone.

Tavern Brawl

Tavern Brawl is a weekly event where you will be pit head to head versus another player using exciting and unique rules. Every week is different and the possibilities are endless. Tavern Brawl is only available for players who have at least one Hero at Level 20.

Tavern Brawl will open and close according to the following schedule each week:


Europe                         Wed      05:00 PM CEST                     Mon      6:00 AM CEST

Americas                     Wed      10:00 AM PDT                      Mon      3:00 AM PDT

Taiwan/China            Thurs     03:00 AM CST                     Mon      6:00 AM CST

Korea                           Thurs     04:00 AM KST                    Mon      7:00 AM KST

New Heroes

The Heroes Emerged are finally in Hearthstone and available for purchase. Heroes such as Alleria Windrunner, Medivh and Magni Bronzebeard.

New Customization

Players now have the ability to assign card back specific for decks. You now can view your alloted Card Backs and ones you have not.

New Card Backs

The Heroes of the Storm Cardback and the June Ranked Play Cardback are now in the game but the June Ranked Play Cardback has not been rewarded to eligible players yet.

General Change and Fixes

  • Some changes have been made to the collection manager, including mana filtering and the position of some buttons.
  • [Mobile] You no longer have to log-in again when prompted to accept a new Terms of Use
  • [Android] Fixed a bug that prevented the Hearthstone app from running after it had been moved to external storage.
  • Core Rager now properly shows its attack and health buff in the History Tiles.
  • Fel Reaver now properly generates History Tiles when it destroys cards.
  • Non-golden Chromaggus now properly creates golden cards when the card drawn is golden.
  • Nozdormu no longer continues to produce a sandstorm effect after being Transformed.
  • Gang Up no longer displays more than 3 cards after being used on cards with Choose One.
  • Fixed an animation issue when golden cards with Taunt are destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Steamwheedle Sniper’s targeting effect was not appearing over the Golden Hunter’s Hero Power.
  • Fixed various graphical, sound, and UI issues.

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