Hell Returns in DOOM

The Bethesda Conference at E3 2015 has revealed numerous detail about the upcoming remake of the 1993 first person shooter survival horror developed by iD Software, DOOM.


The reboot of the 1993 Doom redesigns the original Doom into the modern day first person horror survival shooter. The new Doom will be available sometime in Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. This new installment features new generation graphics with smooth and varying animations along with an outstanding amount of detail in iD Software’s new rendering engine specifically built for Doom. This Doom has been in development ever since 2004 by iD Software but was completely restarted when Bethesda Softworks became their publisher in 2011.


Doom is a first person shooter survival horror where you, an unidentified space marine working for the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC for short) ends up in the outskirts of an UAC Facility on Mars only to find yourself having to fight off numerous waves of demons, abominations of nature and sinister creatures as you farther descent into the story line. Confirmed by the Bethesda Conference, Mars and Hell are one of the few settings you will be able to play in.


The new Doom is focused on enhancing the player experience on the fundamental of speed, consider it a faced paced game mixed with elements from the original Doom and Quake. It punishes the player for being conservative and attempting to slowly approach the enemies as the levels are designed to have no cover. Doom doesn’t want the player to back up and hide because if your low on health, the only way to recover it is to kill monsters which promotes a run-and-gun type of play style where the player attempts to take out the enemy as fast as they can and move on. The level design for Doom is based on Arena spaces where the players has a lot of area to run around to flank and dodge enemy fire while attempting to take them out. The only relief, the players get is when they want to swap their guns slowing the time down but not completely stopping it.


Returning from the original Doom is the Super Shotgun. This time, your character has an even larger arsenal of weapons such as the Super Shotgun, Regular Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Micro Missile Launcher, Chainsaw, Heavy Assault Rifle and the Chaingun. The BFG is also briefly shown in both the game trailer and the gameplay trailer. A new feature in this new Doom is that when your discover a new gun, it will be with you forever. You will be able to swap in and out between guns to fit the situation resulting in numerous amount of play styles. It appears that self inflicted damage is non-existence such as from a close range rocket launcher.


The monsters apparent in Doom will each have their own unique amount of executions ranging from taking the foot of a demon and using it as a weapon against him or twisting the neck of a demon. The Revenant is returning from the original Doom. New monsters such as the invisible heavy unit and the heavy gun wielding unit along with much more unknown monsters are in store for the next Doom. The enemies aren’t the only ones have that unique executions, if somehow your health gets depleted down to zero, the enemy dealing the final blow with preform a special execution specific to that unit on your character. Such as where the Revenant uses your own arms against you.


The size and length of Doom is expected to be pretty big as the setting for the trailer is said to be the second stage of the game while Hell is only half the game. This could mean that this reboot of Doom could have a never before seen story line different from its predecessors.


As for the Multiplayer section of Doom, there will be game modes such as Domination, Clan arena, Freeze Tag, Deathmatch or whatever your imaginary can think of because of Doom Snapmap. Doom Snapmap is Doom’s in-game custom games hub where players are able to make their own custom games with ease either by creating from scratch or with in-game materials. It is very similar to Forge Mode from Halo 3 and Halo Reach. It has been noted that it will be available for Cross platform play and you can create Singleplayer, Co-Op or Multiplayer Custom Maps & Games.

Thats currently all the available information given by the Bethesda Conference at E3 2015. To check out more content, you can check out the Doom Gameplay Trailer above or the Bethesda Conference at E3 2015 below.


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