Super Smash Bros. – New Content Approaching 6.14.2015

Nintendo has announced a huge amount of content for Super Smash Bros.on 6.14.2015.


Characters Return!


Lucas and Roy return with theirs Models remastered to better fit the new Smash Bros. Lucas returns with potentially the same move-sets while Roy receives a new Final Smash which is similar to Marth’s in Melee.

$3.99 Each on Single Platforms and $4.99 for both Platforms.

Mii Fighter Costumes 


  • Megaman.exe
  • Zero
  • Isabella (Animal Crossing)
  • Inkling Boy & Girl and Squid Hat
  • Jacky & Akira (Virtual Fighter)
  • Heihachi


$0.75 Each on Single Platforms and $1.15 for both Platforms.

New Amiibos

amiibosgalorAll current characters + the new ones announced today are planned to have an Amiibo.


  • R.O.B
  • Duck Hunt
  • Mr. Game & Watch
  • Falco


All these amiibos be available in September.


  • Mii Swordfighter
  • Mii Gunner
  • Mii Brawler
  • Roy
  • Ryu

Confirmed but no release date.

New Stages


  • Dream Land
  • Omega Dream Land

$1.99 Each on Single Platforms and $2.99 for both Platforms. Only for Dream Land, Miiverse is free.


  • Miiverse Stage for WiiU only

The Miiverse stage will display character specific community drawn messages throughout the match. Artwork can always be submitted to the appropriate character communities.

There are 2 Mario stages currently in-development.



The Club Nintendo Exclusive Miiverse Stage Song is now available for all.

Tourney Mode


There will be two tourney modes: Community and Regular. Community Tourney is a time based tournament that will score depending on the amount of points you have allocated by the end of the allotted time. Regular Tourneys are just elimination matches. You will be available to customize your Tourney as you see fit. Online released is intended in August.

Super Smash Bros. Media


Nintendo now gives content creators or the normal consumer the ability to post theirs match replays or record their matches and upload them to Youtube. Currently this service is not yet implemented and information is limited. Nintendo has confirmed that it will require a Google Account to utilize the service.

New Character


  • Ryu

Ryu has a very unique mechanic, he has 2 attack buttons consisting of Light, Medium and Heavy versions of his attacks depending on if you tap or tap and hold the buttons. Ryu has the ability to speed up his Hadokuen depending if you decide to hold down longer or shorter.


Ryu has a Weak & Strong Side Attack along with familiar moves from Street Fighter 2 such as the Colarbone Breaker and Joudan Sokutogeri. Ryu has a very unique mechanic that when you input the original command for moves corresponding to Ryu’s moves in Street Fighter 2, your moves receive a power-up and deal exponentially more damage. Ryu also consists of a Down Special – Focus Attack where he takes a hit and counters with a stun.


Ryu is also unique that he is the first character in Super Smash Bros. to have 2 Final Smashes. His final smashes will depend on the distance you are from your enemies. For long distance, Ryu will preform Shinku Hadoken, an empowered Hadokuen the size of half the screen that travels a whole Omega stage.


Ryu’s other Final Smash activates when your in close combat with an enemy where Ryu will preform Shin Shoryuken, a burst of high damage attacks that can potentially K.O your enemy.


  • Suzaku Castle
  • Omega Suzaku Castle

Tagging along with Ryu is his own stage, Suzaku Castle. Suzaku Castle consist of two parts, a stable platform and a broken platform, depending on where your reside you will have to change your playstyle. Suzaku Castle consists of only the stable platform. The Music in Suzaku Castle will change into a more upbeat music when the timer depletes. The WiiU version will include Ken’s stage theme along with a remix.

$5.99 Each on Single Platforms and $6.99 for both Platforms. Both Ryu and Suzaku Castle comes as a pair.

New Trophies


  • Ryu
  • Lucas
  • Splatoon
  • Roy
  • Ken

Out of these new Trophies, only Ryu, Lucas and Roy have all new all-star trophies.

As a surprise, Nintendo intends to release Lucas, Ryu, Roy plus the new stages and all the announced Mii Costumes today at 8:00 AM PD.


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