Warframe Devstream #54

Devstream 54 gives us a preview of the new Yin Yang Warframe as well as updates on current plans!

Full Devstream:

People Present

  • Art Director Mat
  • Animation Director Geoff
  • Community Manager Rebecca
  • Creative Director Steve
  • Design Director Scott

Big Announcements and Plans

  • Catbrow (unofficial name) update (9:41 – 10:22).
    • More archetypes for the new pets. Examples shown include different heads and tails.
  • Arcane Distilling announced so that Arcanes can be taken out and put on another cosmetic.
    • Distilling will be in the form of a foundry item and be linked to Syndicate rank.
    • Announced, but not worked on yet.
    • Will not be as easy to replace or take out as mods.
  • Frost will be next on the Rework Table (see Q and A below).
  • Underwater Tileset update and preview (20:24 – 25:52)
    • Tyl Regor will get his own boss arena.
    • Will incorporate the underwater Archwing and dynamic changes dependent on the progress of the fight.
    • J3 Golem Trial is still the major focus of Update 17, but this tileset update will be a part of that as well.
  • Consoles will receive Tubemen of Regor event and Underwater Tileset preview soon.
  • New Orokin Moonbase Tileset preview in the early stages (27:58 – 29:57).
  • New primary weapon inspired by the Gammacor (31:01 – 31:30)
  • New melee weapon based on rapiers (31:36 – 32:12)
  • Capes in Warframe to further test the cloth physics (32:54 – 33:51). Consoles will get the new syandanas and capes very soon as well in order to help test cloth physics.
  • New Yin Yang Warframe (Anima / Animus) previewed (34:05 – 35:33).
    • Each has their own idle when in missions.
    • Energy color determines default form in relays and the liset.
    • Forms can be toggled in missions.
  • Still no ETA on Syndicate emotes or toggle meditate. Work will continue on that once Parkour 2.0 is finished.
  • New Star Chart will hopefully be part of the next Devstream, but right now there is nothing to show.
  • The majority of players agree that the Stamina system should be removed, and DE has listened.
    • This means many mods will need to be reworked.
  • Update 17 Trade Update has a Trade room in the Relays, but still no auto merch shop (similar to Free Market in MapleStory). Reworking the Trade UI to avoid scams and show that things are proper sets.
  • Clan Dojos being updated to not depend on a single person’s internet connection.
  • Ash Prime holding Vectis Prime picture at 1:01:57
    • Japanese description shows that Ash Prime has 125 base Shields (25 more than regular Ash), 150 base Power (50 more than regular Ash).

Q and A

Question Answer
Nyx Nemesis Skin for Xbox One and PS4? Will be available in the market for a week starting soon (was supposed to be today, June 12th, but technical difficulties came about).
Next collectible statue? Nyx! She will be made available after Mag collectible statues are in the store. After Nyx will come Valkyr.
Parkour 2.0? Nothing to show today since the plans and development are going in different directions. However, parkour animations are made to look more dynamic and there still needs to be some work to make sure the animations aren’t nasty.
Excalibur rework ETA? ETA is next week (PC) alongside a lot of Excalibur extras (such as Noggles, Excalibur skins, etc) and Tenno Reinforcements.
Invincibility frames on Excalibur? None. Not for his energy sword draw, not for anything. However, he does auto parry in his Energy Sword state and he is mobile, not stationary.
Recent Twitter post from a DE member stated that there would be a Frost rework after Excalibur. Real? Frost is indeed on the table to get a rework.

  • Freeze will create a patch of cold (similar to the Void) to slow down enemies. Freeze will also have a duration based effect where frozen enemies will remain that way for a certain duration. 100% chance to slow in AoE.
  • Ice Wave will turn into a radial attack instead of linear attack.
  • Snow Globe will still be stackable, but max of 4. When casted, it will push away enemies. No more timer on Snow Globe.
  • Avalanche will freeze enemies that survive and also reduce their armor. Enemies that die will explode in a Cold AoE that slows surviving enemies as well.
New weapons? Yes. New Gammacor primary weapon and rapier melee weapon. Previews are 31:01 – 31;30 (Primary) and 31:36 – 32:12 (Rapier).
Will we be seeing any audio modifications in Warframe? Example: making a gun’s fire sound like farts.
Nothing in the works about that. However, the team would really like to experiment with that since arrow skins have been made.
Any new stances? New Sword and Board stance in the works for Update 17. New longsword stance is also in progress. A couple others are also in the works, but the actual weapon type was not given (Geoff is forgetful).
Any plans for full body Lotus? Lotus should not be such an easily accessible character given her significance in the Warframe world. However, there will be a moment in the game where the player can meet her (most likely part of a quest).
Progress on Warframe App? You can now manage your Kubrows, manage your foundry (including claiming items), manage your arsenal, chat with friends or clan mates, and see the Codex. However, the app is still in the works (especially the UI).

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