Warframe – Void Trader (June 12 – June 14)

Baro has reappeared at Orcus Relay on Pluto

He will be there from June 12th to June 14th

Prisma Grakata

Compared to original Grakata

21.7 Fire Rate (1.7 more)

2.0 Reload Time (0.4 less)

2.5x Crit Multiplier (0.5 more)

120 Magazine (60 more)

1,000 Ammo Cap (250 more)

100,000 Credits & 610 Ducats each
Primed Ravage +110% Crit Damage for Shotguns at max rank. 190,000 Credits & 280 Ducats
Baro Noggle Liset decoration 250,000 Credits & 100 Ducats

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